Friday, December 7, 2007

calm before the storm

We headed south to check out Spot Brand's new digs & catch a ride. During the move into the new building we saw some areas pretty empty & quiet, full of anticipation of things to come.Racks in the Golden, CO Spot Brand location waiting for their welding to get fully up & running. Yep, they weld some of them right here in the good ole' U S of A.
Testing continues, the belts are tested against dirt from several continents.
We found these in the closet.
Time to hit the front range dirt
Endurance mad man Kelly Magelky
Big Daddy pounds over & through rocks in his new pink leg warmers. Yep, pink.?.?
Dale sporting his new "frame pump" We're talking high volume folks.

umm, is this your first flat? More pro licenses than tubes or pumps, hmmm. Amateur hour was followed by happy hour.
need further explanation?

I found links to a bit more information on the Belt Carbon Drive System. & Interbike review.

Speaking of storms, it looks like the CX State Championships should be perfect weather.Bohn Park Friday afternoon.

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mimi said...

Re: the Spot Brand t-shirt, I guess that does kinda give me a better understanding of 'why?'
I tried to get the Recorder to run some more info on the cyclocross, but it doesn't look like they had ANY extra room, with the parade and all (two sentences?)....They should be running an article next week on Sam's team; maybe they can get all the bike stories in one issue. I hope someone will be coming up with a story and results. With the weather, it's not looking good to get my autographs. There won't be much exposed skin. Dang!