Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LOG Pictures from Photo-Cycle.com

Well...Eddie didn't end up finding his socks but he did keep track of his cameraThe Dirt Jump comp drew a fun crowd to Bohn Park for some great dirt jump action.
The Crowd Favorite Backflip
some indyair bike spin thing.
smoove as silk CanCan

a great shot of a Turn Down
No Hander

Famed boateer Eric Jackson stroking for a drop
Pinned in a bad place...
Event co-founder, Scott Young, is dropping some class 5+ in the downriver race
more class 5+ in on the South Saint Vrain.

Thanks for the shots Eddie, I did find your flask so most everything is accounted for...what a party!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures Eddy! Incredible weekend! Thanks for all of ya'll that came out.

Anonymous said...

Truly magnificent photos. Sorry about your socks.