Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Colorado State Championships - Sol Vista

Mountain States Cup round #6 took place at Sol Vista Resort this past weekend with Colorado State Championships named in DH,DS,XC,SD and SS. This was a sick event with the first ever event to be run under the cover of night. Sol Vista resorts & MSC pulled all the stops to throw a mean Dual Slalom event the went off under the lights. The event naturally lent itself to a bit of a party & we made sure we hammered it home by bringing our local favorite band Interstate Stash Express. The mustache competition & the band really catapulted the energy of the evening into intergalactic territory. Speaking of Intergalactic territory here are some shots of the unofficial Intergalactic Pump Track Championships that were also held over the weekend.
Monique stays low
Sam Powers works it through the whoops on his bracket victory, yep he uncorked one ladies & gents. Sam had a sick weekend also winning his category Super-D & Downhill. WORD.
Brian Lopes puts on a show while taking the A main.

Brian Riepe takes the State Championship in the SS class.
Brian & I battled the whole way, I was unable to stay with him on the final climb but hung in there for 2nd.
Michael Vigers put up another strong performance, yep 15 years old. Are those glasses High Definition??

Dual Slalomn...UNDER LIGHTS
Lisa Myklak wins her first State Championship of the weekend.
Hats of to SOl VISTA for an excellent weekend of racing, the lights were a nice touch.
Evan Powell and a Yeti rider dualing it out.
The Mustache Cup was a huge event on a big night.
Interstate Stash Express givin the fans the love from the confines of the Dale's Pale Ale VIP area.

Danae York rode smart & fast to take the Open Women's State Super-D.
Pro Women take to the course before the lightning storm shortened the race.
Jen Gersbach's trusty Spot Brand showing signs of the storm.
Pro Men's DH has tacky dirt after the storm blew through.
Joey Schusler pinned it for the win to become the Colorado State DH Champion.
Mike Kreger boosting one of the many big jumps in the DH. Congrats for his first Pro DH podium.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend, see you all back at Snowmass for the G3!


Schuman said...

Big congratulations Sam!!!! Way to throw down.

Rockin Ron

G-Lenn said...

Sam is the man! You almost beat Lopes! Wow.