Thursday, January 22, 2009

X games taking shape

We headed into the X Games to get our beer all set up to pour exclusively in the VIP areas. It is one heck of a spectacle, it's essentially a massive made for TV discotech set up on Buttermilk Mountian. Once the beer was set up we wondered out into the trial run madness. It was raining snowmobiles out of the sky, sorry I don't have to many shots but we are just warming up ourselves. We've also got Dale's flowing at Stubbies just down the valley in Basalt. So if you're hitting the games jump off the bus at the Basalt park & ride & walk on it to check it out. Stubbies is a nice place with a few high quality billiard tables & a nice set up. Come join the DPA bus at Stubbies & have a brew.

My camera is ready today so keep an eye here for photo's of the madness!

1 comment:

redstone said...

did you feel at home by all the snowmobiles? Looks like fun man. I've got to go some year.