Thursday, July 9, 2009

L'epic avec JG: musings de la musette.- Stage 4

This day was the best. I had a ton of fun, ate a boatload of Hammer Gel and made it across the finish line right behind my all-time hero in mountain biking, Alison Dunlap. We crossed the line about 2 minutes apart at roughly 4 and a half hours. The trick for the day was to just stay steady and eat, eat, eat. Today we started up a huge climb as usual and then we got to rip the flume trail. The coolest part of the day though was hiking up to the top of a huge mountain, it was absolutely beautiful. I almost felt like busting out a little, “the hills are alive…” This was also the moment I finally caught Christina Begy, she tore up the first bit of the race and has really given me a run of great competition. So I couldn’t really be kidding around up there ya know what I mean? Ha! Right after the top she hopped onto her bike without any adieu and started bombing down the snow field we had to cross. It was freaking supa fun, you were able to ride about half of the patch and then really hang on for dear life, tri-pod skiing the rest of the way down.
Then we rocked up to the top of where the Colorado Trail meets up with Georgia Pass. Me and my borrowed Maverick had COPIOUS amounts of unrelenting, holla out loud, good times on the decent. I think I scared many of the men that I passed! Eek! Just when I thought the fun wouldn’t end, I hit the bottom of the gully and there was no were else to go but UP! Up, if you want to partake in the Breck Epic next year, be prepared to go UP. This was by far the most heinous climb that I have ever…holy crap…ever ridden. When I thought it wasn’t possible to go any higher, the switchback u’d on me and BAM it went from heinous to double heinous. I almost cried a little, I think. There was monsterous amounts of sweat pouring out from the top of my head that I’m not sure what was going on. Oh, I did have a great little discovery on that note…Larry Grossman from the awesome Squirt lube camp gave me one of those silly little cycling caps that roadies wear under their helmets. I have worn it underneath my brain bucket for the whole week. It’s great. Squirt Lube has been the official lube sponsor of the Breck Epic and Larry has been at every aid station, every day helping all the riders keep their chains lubby lubed. Thank you Squirt Lube.

So there is one person that I have not yet mentioned in my write-ups…Chad Melis. He and Brian Riepe, editor of Mountain Flyer Magazine (the best damn cycling rag ever), have done the race as a Duo Relay and they are stomping the stomp. Brian rode the first and second stage, Chad will ride the middle three, and then the Riepster will bring it home on the 6th and final stage. Chad and Riepe together are a great team because they both can lay down some serious trail. Never let their calm cooly cucumber demeanor fool you…they can ride bikes…fast! Not only that, both Chad and Brian have been amazing forces in mountain biking. Keeping it real, having fun, showcasing the sweetness in the magazine with cool pics and great local articles and of course making every event bubbly delicious by following up with tasty brews from Dale’s Pale Ale. I salute you!

Well after stage 4 I am happy to report that I still hold the leader’s jersey . And people, these jerseys are wicked. Black and white and plain ol’ cool. I am sure you will see some pics of ‘em. Christina came in behind me on the day at about ten minutes back. So going into tomorrow I have roughly a 25 minute lead for the GC. Again, I am not safe. Christina has got the ability to make up any of that time at any moment. Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day…climb up to 12,500 feet. I’m pretty sure we will see Yeti’s and mountain goats and maybe get nose bleeds…stay tuned for that report! It’s gonna be Eeeepic suckas.

I’m pumped on this race. I hope you are having fun following along!

Pumped up…and a little blown out. Ha!


A Little More love from photo Eddie, Cheers!


Jen Tilley said...


you are the cooooolest! hehe
i love reading all about your racing dayz! soo exciting... all your crazy times on the bike might have convinced me to try it myself next year :) i am so proud of you! you rock the hhoooouuuussseeee!

devin said...

So impressed to do all those rides in one week at race pace you are the Woman man!!! Great Job...