Saturday, August 28, 2010

Suprise: Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge...and back

We jumped in the truck with an idea of a 2 hour ride...i returned home a day later in the same clothes with great stories and a large smile. Jeremy & Dale get rolling on the Colorado Trail from Kenosha Pass. Navigating a tricky bridge The view looking back towards Kenosha Pass A great view near Georgia Pass Jeremy rolls over the summit of Georgia Pass Jeremy enjoys a Dale's Pale Ale below the view of Boreas Mtn. Dale getting after it on the descent. After a long descent we came out on Tiger Road. Jeremy soaks up the sun & river with a DPA in Breckenridge. We hit up Breckenridge Brewery for some Wings & then headed to Southridge Seafood in Breck for an amazing dinner & a Dale's Pale Ale. That place is great, the group ordered much off the menu & there wasn't anything that wasn't great. After a night of beer & seafood we grabbed some sleep. We had time restraints in the return trip so we headed up Boreas Pass & Cheered on the Breck Epic before hitting trail. Dale drops into the Gold Dust Trail.
The terrain throughout the ride changed multpile times & quickly...this was a fun smooth section through the trees

There were a few sections of tough ups & downs.

We dropped out of the Gold Dust Trail with a good amount of road remaining. Full Circle.


dougm said...

Nice work! Crazy single speed monkeys!

redstone said...


Mtn Jim Fisher said...

phew...I could use a Dale's just thinking about that LOL

Mtn Jim