Monday, September 20, 2010

What's the Greatest Nation in the World? DONATION!

So a friend of mine who I play hockey with on Thursdays unfortunately lost his entire home in the Four Mile Fire. Jeff Lynch was in shock and had to take his family to the Residence Inn in Boulder until other arrangements could be made. Jeff's passion is without question Hockey and coming in a close second is beer, handcrafted quality beer. During the fire, Jeff lost both his hockey gear and his beer fridge. We knew we had to act and act fast.

An email went out to the entire team asking for cash donations, equipment donations or anything that could get Jeff back on the ice within a week. Its impossible to put in words what happened next. Hockey gear, money and a motherlode of beer soon came falling from the sky. The team filled two hockey bags full of gear and more money than anyone person would need to fully outfit yourself with hockey equipment.

Another email went to Pro Skate ( asking if they would like to help out. Within 2 minutes, a response came back saying "bring him in, we'll take care of him". Jeff was outfitted with brand new skates, stick, shin pads, gloves and some misc. stuff. All free donations.

A text went to Jeremy "J-Rock" Rudolf, the main man at the the brewery asking if he would be interested in donating a case of beer to a friend who lost everything. Again, within seconds, Jeremy replied and I wish I could repeat what the text read but it was something like "F*ck Yeah F*ckie". I guess thats pretty much repeating what he said. After a trip to the brewery, I was on my way to deliver three cases of the good stuff. A mixture of Mama's, Chub, and Dale' were in the Subaru delivery wagon to the Residence Inn. 3 cases of beer pretty much took up the whole kitchen in the suite they had but Jeff insisted, this was a problem he could solve.

I want to pass on a huge thanks from Jeff to everyone at OB, I know it doesn't seem like much but the gesture alone is proof of the spirit that exists at OB. Good things do happen when times are bad. Thanks OB and Jeremy for stepping up and thats why we love ya.

Also a big thanks to Tony at Pro-Skate (who by the way plays on a Dale's Pale Ale sponsored hockey team at Boulder Valley Ice) for showing your true colors as well.

Mission accomplished, Jeff was back on the ice in a week. Although extremely hung over.

The smile says it all

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