Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Tour of BoulDurango - Day 1

15 Riders from Avery Brewing, Ska Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing and Oskar Blues hit up this year's edition of the Tour of BoulDurango. We rolled the pavement headed for higher elevation cool air, brews and good times.
The first of the daily group shots of the group rolling out at Avery Brewing.
The peleton leaving Boulder with Dale Katechis at the front.
Dave Thibodeau and Steve Breezly on Lookout Mountain
Adam Avery & Dave Chichura fighting the heat on Lookout Mountain
The first of the group stops.
Dave Thibodeau of Ska and Steve Grossman of Sierra Nevada on Lookout Mountain.
The group descending Floyd Hill near US Hwy 6. What a ripping fast descent reaching 55 mph.
Arlo....Fast Back, Ass Crack!
The Peleton rolling into Idaho Springs.
The group lands at Tommy Knocker.
After Beers & Food at Tommy Knocker Brewery we hit the river. Arlo goes balls deep.
Grabbing beers & enjoying the river below the mine.
Dale gives a little kiss to a Modus.

Tomorrow we summit Loveland Pass on our way to Breckenridge Brewery. Check ya later.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good guys! Stay cool somehow!