Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mountain States Cup #2: Nathrop, CO pictures

While the Belt Bustas were tearing it up at the 18 Hours of Fruita others made their way to Nathrop for round #2 of the Mountain States Cup Series. We miss Photo Eddie, when you makin it back brotha. It was a standard dusty & windy Chalk Creek stampede, here are some images.Robin guillaum works on his bike with a Gordon after having mechanical issues in the XC.
Jen Tilley in the Nathrop Short Track.
Jen enjoys a post race recovery drink.
Mike West styles out the doubles in the Short Track.
Matt Shriver laid it down in the Short Track.
A photo finish in the pro MX final, Petr Hanek held off Mitch Ropelato as Mike Kreger finishes 3rd.
Sam Powers (Lyons local) won his first Cat 1 15-18 race in MX.
Mitch Ropelato boosts a big set in Sunday's Dual Slalom.
Mike West fresh off the Short Track & back to DS.
Sam Powers looking good in the early rounds of DSSam took a .7 second lead into the the final run of DS cat 1 12-18. Sam laid it down in a tricky flat corner to finish 2nd.
Maverick was back on the scene with a demo squad & supporting Money Mike West.

Check out some videos of the weekend MX HERE & XC THERE. Keep an eye out as more videos come available via www.superhumanmag.com


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