Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vanilla Bean Old Chub Firkin

Firkin Friday at The Tasty Weasel will unleash a Vanilla Bean Old Chub Firkin at 4:00PM

Speaking of Old Chub, check out Whole Foods locations, Oskar Blues & The Tasty Weasel for Old Chub Beer Bread.

Here are the details:
Whole Foods stores in the gourmet grocer's Rocky Mountain region are now carrying a special tag-team baked good: Old Chub Beer Bread.

It combines our celebrated Scottish Ale with the wizardry of the company's Rocky Mountain Bakehouse in Aurora.

Each loaf of Old Chub Beer Bread is made with nearly a full can of Old Chub, in a wheaty sourdough base enhanced with a touch of honey and a hearty dose of sunflower seeds.

The loaves are then rolled in the beechwood-smoked malts we use in Old Chub, then baked to glorious perfection.

Andy Clark and his crew at the Bakehouse are now sending this delicious bread to Whole Foods stores across Colorado, and stores in New Mexico, Kansas and Utah.

The bread is found in the fresh bread racks in the bakery section of these stores.

We're psyched about our yeasty partnership with Whole Foods. Not to mention the glorious flavor of the bread and the bennies it delivers both of our quality obsessed companies.

Find this gem in the local Colorado stores below. If you don't see it Yell, Kick & Scream until you do!

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harcout breton said...

my friend and i drop by at tasty and tried the pantry... it taste like heaven... we grab a few for the road... we are definitely coming back...