Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catalina Highway ride pre SS USA

After landing in Tucson & having a tasty morning Dale's Pale Ale & Chorizo Breakfast Burrito at B-Line Restaurant on 4th Ave we headed to the site of SS USA via the Catalina Highway. We did some minimal bike maintenance, whipped the drive & sleep from our eyes & headed out on the pavement ready to spin that drive outta our legs. We rode the highway up to the 11 mile marker & hit dirt as we realized we would most likely be finishing up in the dark. The descent was freaking amazing & the sun was a nice relaxing end to a good night & day of travel & meeting people leading up to the race. The climb was a nice grade a little long but was a good way to wake up the body before hitting the choice singletrack descent.
Dale hits a bit of snow...yes we were rockin' flip flops for most of the stay but we climbed enough to find white stuff in shady area's up top. We didn't mind, all the rest of the way down the trails were HERO dirt & sunshine....AMEN!
Dale emerges into AZ sunshine
Good times....good times.
One armed soaker toker.?.
A nice finish to the day...a long day.
The ride was a little longer than we anticipated & we were feeling pretty hungry upon landing. Dale made sure he had enough fuel for the next days race through duct tape & meat preparation. I laughed, then i thanked him around mile 35 the next day as we chillaxed & enjoyed some jerky.