Sunday, February 14, 2010

South Mountain, AZ love on Valentines Day: National->Telegraph->Desert Classic

Jim "Flight of the Pigs" Wilcox gave me a guided tour of his stomping grounds following yesterday's Skirt Chaser 5K in Tempe. Check out a few of his events...the riding was fantastic. A super technical couple hour day on South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ.

Heading up the early steeps of the National Trail.

The National Trail was a good consistent technical climb with a few steep kickers in there to keep you honest. Once the climbing mellowed the trail got more technical as you traversed the hillside continuing to take aim at the towers & finally getting past them.

The Telegraph trail simply plunges down super technical drop after dry dusty, loose, switchback drop....loving the 29er with all the rock spacing, step ups & drop offs. I didn't get a ton of pictures but certainly had a ton of fun.

Once we were able to make it down Telegraph safe & sound & with a few walked sections of downhill we came to the parade lap of Desert Classic for a smooth ride home. Jim rocks Desert Classic in his SSWC '09 Jersey.

All in all a great ride with 3 very distinct portions: Technical climbing & traverse, Super F'ing technical Descent, then the rolling fast sections bringing back to the neighborhood.

Thanks a bunch for Kim & Tim's hospitality, CHEERS!!!

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