Monday, March 1, 2010

Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

L-R Aaron Egge, Mike Haubert, Scott Haubert, Rockin Chair Ron Schuman, Sean Keating.

Team Oskar Blues rolled into Frisco CO this past weekend with high expectations and dreams of bringing home the 1st Annual Colorado Pond Hockey Championship Trophy.

For those who didn't know that Pond Hockey Tournaments exist, they do and the game is played with 4 players on the ice at a time for each team. No goaltenders and you play two 15 minutes halves. Think of it as a cyclocross race where play never stops until the clock tells you to or you've crossed the finished line. Teams score by putting the puck in a wooden goal that is 4 feet in width, 2 feet deep and 6" high with two small openings on each side.

When the tourney ended, we came home with a 2-2 recor. Howevery, "Team Oskar Blues" made themselves known by knocking out "Team Pabst" (the tournament beer sponsor. We now have an official rivalry between Team Oskar Blues and Team Pabst. They came in 4-0 and we found ourselves in a "spoiler" position. Well we spoiled it all right. Team Pabst we somewhat of a favorite I suppose with a couple of guys that played Division I but we said, not today Pabst. We played by far the best game of the weekend and never let them get closer than 4 goals. We knocked them out of the championship bracket which made Team Oskar Blues very popular amongst the teams who had already advanced.

Our tourney play was over but we left on a good note with a huge victory. The nice folks from Pabst welcomed Oskar Blues in like family. We set up a tent and blended in the fine crafted beer we all know and love and great times were had by all.

Notice the Blue can in his hand and the jersey he is wearing. giddyup

Here is me with David Janoweic and Jeff Suffolk who put this all together. Notice the similarities in the caps? Minnesota boys stick together.

Nighty night, hockey makes Aaron sleepy. Well Hockey and OB Beer makes Aaron sleepy.

Thanks Oskar Blues for letting us fly the flag.


Matt said...

you have got to be kidding me?!?!
We have a HOCKEY TEAM and nobody ever mentioned that!

Golddiggin' Whores Rule! said...

You've had a hockey team playing at the Boulder YMCA for almost 3 years. We've played at the Pepsi Center 6 times. We've beaten Stroh's and Old Style. We kick ass!

Jason Fitzgerald