Sunday, March 14, 2010

High Lonesome Hut Fraser

The High Lonesome Hut just outside of Fraser & roughly 3 miles of skin/snowshoe in was more like a rocky mountain backcountry condo. It had running water, a huge wood burning stove & 3 levels. We had a group of 10 & it held easily. We went the full car camping of snow retreats complete with a snowmobile pulled sled for supplies, there was no shortage of food or booze in this single overnight adventure. The group splintered into cross country skis, snowshoes, sledding. The sledding took on another turn later in the evening as a previously build luge course was freshened up & got rolling. This is a large stay that is very accessible.The skin in

The start of the luge
Marily dropping in
Throgh the 3rd berm
riding it out...
The group sippin'
A bit of a cheat...there was no shortage of booze or food after having a full service sled in.

All packed up the group heads out.

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