Monday, May 2, 2011

Take 2 on the Maverick ML8 and DUC 36

It was fun to get back on a snappy 26 inch bike, particularly one that rips like this baby. What a great time to check out a new bike....HERE DIRT in the hills of the Front Range. The Gates of HELL. Drop the seat, point it straight & let the bike do the work

After a few days back on 26 inch wheels and suspension I'm feeling really confident heading into corners and technical area's hot. The fork is stable and is really taking on everything that I've seenm and this area is not at a shortage of veriable & difficult terrain. What a testing ground.

At just over 31 lbs and a bunch of travel Kwanzaa (named on the badge) or as I've called it QOTSA climbs very well.
Mother nature threw some flakes our way & the ground soaked them up and turned us Hero Dirt all ride.
Thanks Ma Nature, have a good mothers day.


Anonymous said...

Is that the carbon DUC?? totally rad ride...congrats, Chad!

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