Thursday, May 26, 2011

Team REEB - 18 Hours of Fruita Pics

Photo Eddie caught the start for Mountain Flyer Magazine. The start rolls out, CDillis battles for a top 3 entry into the single track, pants on the ground.
Jeremy lookin' good straight off the bike after lap 1. Yes he is sleeping.
Scott gettin' ready for his first G'Knight lap.
Dave Chase after lap #1.
REEB #1 in the morning after a few hot laps by Big Pappa.
Dale has drying technique.
Dale finishes an early lap.
Yep, I good looking Spot for Brian Spots.
Later in the day, the crew is hanging tough and posting consistent times.
Bring the Redstone Heat...the heat.
Brian Spots gettin' ready for a later lap.
Yep, REEB Cycles.
Dale Sizes up a celebratory G'Knight or Old Chub....a cold Chub chosen.
Scott pounding screws on the last lap hill climb.
Crew cheif Johhny is the man. 1 Bottle of Crown, 30 min sleep, plenty of beers and 8 happy racers. Nice.
Dave Chase laying wood on the final climb, rip it.
Jeremy, you can't clean that off.
The ROG MAN gets a beer feed in front of a crowd while finishing up.
Yep, Slug & Salute.

the bikes from the weekend.

A great weekend, keeping it real...what it's all about. More 18 road riding the next day to come.

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