Friday, October 3, 2008

Cross Vegas to air on Altitude

Cross Vegas...One of our big events...the pinnacle of the Interbike bike week...drew over 12,000 spectators & all the big hitters including Lance Armstrong. That baby will air October 25th on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network. Check your local listings for time and channel. It will also be available on DirecTV.
If you made it out of the event without your Dale's Pale Ale special edition Cross Vegas koozie we can get you set up via our ONLINE STORE, CLICK HERE!


ELGEE said... beer on me due to you crushing me in the Wheelers and Dealers Race, glad I got to line up with ya Meli, definitely a highlight of my Cross career. You at Frisco this weekend? I'm gonna try and go, I still got the Vegas In n Out hangover.

Melis said...

Naw brotha, gots me a wedding to celebrate this weekend. I'll catch you at the next round. Redstone Cyclery gives Squirt lube 2 thumbs up.

ELGEE said...

SQUIRT LUBE gives Dale's, Old Chub, Gordon and the nectar of the Gods Ten Fidy three thumbs up, always.