Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rally of the Dead part 2

With all the parties & fun going on you may have forgotten there was a race going on. Well, after pinning it through stage one the blood was real & the pain cave was full. We resume photo's between stage 1 & 2.......DOOM says it all.
DOOM says...Yep we're racing straight up that b*tch.
Scotty made it down to rally, a bit short on costume though
A shot from the bottom of the obstacle course.
chad melis stage #1 0:25:21 #2 0:12:20 #3 0:04:46 #4 1:00:00BUMMER
Robin who finished 3rd hittin the same slightly tricky spot.
John Bailey on top of Hogs Back killed it all weekend and ended up winning it.

Jen G won the 2008 women's Rally Of The Dead....ummm was it a race? Yep, both the men's and women's events were won on SPOT BRAND singlespeeds.
2007 winner DOOM passes on the belt to this years winner John Bailey.
Reverand Phil & his sick crew promote Friday nights feature presentation: Bike Porn. Yep, it's what it sounds like.
Jen's award is freeking sweet but I think this one might take the cake.

The 2008 Rally of the Dead Bike Polo Trophy. Bike Polo was an demonstration event in the 1908 London Olympics with Ireland winning the gold beating Germany
ahhhh...bikes & beer..mmmmmmm.
The Republic of Doom defeated Cheaney's Denver Bronco's with the winning goal deflecting off Robin's mallet. It was a hard fought game, what a way to end an amazing 4 day run of BIKES, beer, blood, porn, costumes, DJ's, movies & did I mention BIKES

A very freeking BIG thanks to the zombie boys & girls of Durango for throwing the coolest celebration of the BIKE I've been to. Want more....check THIS out!!!!

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revphil said...

Damn! somehow i missed this posting for the past couple years, and its fucking awesome!

Thanks for the warm welcoming, Durango, someday I hope to Rally with the Dead again!

I will always remember the words of one of the most disturbed viewers of our program: "I just want to let you know, I think what you have done is terrible"

most people remember us fondly, but just about everyone remembers us