Monday, December 8, 2008

Colorado Cycolcross Championship quicky

What a change in conditions...Saturday the Arapahoe Ridge elementary school had snow covered ground...sunday the wind had dried the ground up creating some tacky conditions. Not much great coming from me this weekend but it was a fun event with a bunch of good racing. Congrats to those of you who earned a jersey & thanks for all the close racing. Here are a few from the men's open race, the full monty of shots from will be coming soon.

Dubba, Jake & Pacho head out on the last lap.
Dubba lead the whole way forcing Jake to chase, they hit the sand pit one last time.
With 2 turns & 2 straightaways remaining Dubba kept Jake chasin'.
Outta the 2nd last corner Dubba pins it. Unfortunately I was too slow to catch the result of the final sprint but congrats to Matt Pachoca for a consist ant season & a convincing state championship. Thanks to everyone for the close racing, it was a good time & we raised $1,700 more for Valmont Bike Park.

Here's a shot that describes my day pretty well. I came into a left hander a bit hot & got mixed up in some bumpy dirt piles.

We'll get more from the state championships yet this week.

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Mark said...

damn, nice wheel!