Monday, December 22, 2008

home sweet home & a fish outta water

This time of year presents a side of Hall Ranch I really enjoy. Covered with the calm of winter & sprikled with wildlife the park presents itself in a much more relaxed manner than that of the crowded hot summer. I like to think of it as my Hall Ranch this time of year. Despite the cold weather I headed out Saturday to spend some time climbing the Antelope trail & heading down the Bitterbrush descent. I rode the partially packed trail hard & had one dab & one short hiking section before I made it to the bench. From there it was a good time heading down to highway 7. My 29" Kenda Nevegal 2.20s are really proving to be a good snow tire, the 29er gets rolling in that snow too. I found a fantastic pair of "winter" gloves at the gas station which I did a head-to-head test vs. my old school Pearl Izumi AmFIBs...yep the homeboys & girls down the street at Pearl Izumi really know how to make some winter riding gear. Their booties & gloves kept me warm enough on the cold day as I chose the pair of AmFIBs for the descent.
I was able to get the time up over an hour after getting back to town & hitting the local ghetto singletrack. I headed over to Redstone Cyclery for a post ride beer & good conversation with mtb mike & the redstone crew.
Sunday I changed gears & headed up to the mountains to hit the snow on err....more conventional snow Rossignal skate skis. Like a fish outta water...I was a bit intimidated when our group turned into a handfull of local pro mountain bikers.a who's who of local pro mountain bikers hittin' the snow.(left to right) Jen Tilley, Erin Huck, Jen Gersbach, Megan Monroe, Brian Fuentes, me & Chris Butler.


redstone said...

but you are rockin the coolest hat, Chad.

Melis said...

old school schwinn baby, old school schwinn.

devin said...

Good to see you guys out on the skinny skis. Enjoy the snow!

Melis said...

Yeah man, it's that WISCO DISCO in the blood. I've beenn checkin your blog...thanks