Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the hell has been going on in Oskar Blues Brews & Bikes land??

anybody there...hello. It's been a while so let's get back on this horse. Hope you've all stayed busy & happy during the official lead out of the 2008 cycling season & into the holiday season. We've been doing some riding, some racing & pushing the biggest baddest beer in a can from coast to coast. On the beer front we've delivered the first shipments of our singing 12-packs to he program features specially marked 12-Packs of Dale's and Old Chub that include a free CD of great small-batch music made by the nation's best indie artists.
It's our way of helping our favorite craft music makers, while hipping our beer lovers to exceptional music that, like our beer, is way too flavorful for the mainstream.
The new CD is the 7th in the series, it features 12 tunes by a group of rootsy heavies. The list includes Cindy Bullens, Amy Speace, Jeffrey Halford, Rodeo Pony, Corinne West, and local heroes Chris Daniels and Rebecca Folsom. Keep an eye out in stores near you.

in other beer news....TENFIDY RETURNS! Just in time for cool weather, we're sending a batch of Ten FIDY Imperial Stout to a few of our beer markets.

Fourpacks of our decadently rich, roasted and viscous stout are now landing on shelves in Colorado, Southern California, Texas, and the Pittsburgh area.
Ten FIDY's cyclopean flavors created a big stir when we turned it loose last fall. It landed several mighty honors and created a big buzz among lovers (and traders) of extreme beer. Get it while you, uh, can.

One more fantastic bit of news from our funky little brewpub in Lyons, CO. On Monday, 11-26 we will debut our newest creation: a collaboration from our fine brewing staff for the upcoming holiday season. "Smoke on the Water." A carmelly, complex, holiday warmer with a gentle smoked finish.
7 % ABV... and yes, served in a full-sized pint glass. Here is what we currently have going on at in Lyons, CO

so so long ago, but on November 15th we met Team Smith (Brian & Jenny)& crew for a birthday celebration in Moab. Both Jen Gersbach & Brian celebrated their birthday on this day so we jumped on the Smith bandwagon to ride the White Rim Trail. I have to admit, most likely I'll be doing this one on a KTM next time instead of a single speed spot brand. We started in the dark & ended in the dark but there was plenty of fantastic views in between.

Schaefer Canyon Hill Climb hour 11, yep B Smith cleaned it in the spot brand titanium single speed...WOW!

Upon returning back to the wonderfully painful world of cyclocross the White Rim weekend treated me a little rough. Slow & sloggy legs...no rpm & certainly no power. We headed south to hang with our homeboys at Green Mountain Sports for their Mammoth Cross #2.

Pacho got another victory after pulling away from Peter Webber & Brandon Dwight on the last lap. It was good to see these guys working together & Brandon back on the bike.
Spencer Powlison was the crowd favorite by hopping this set of barriers each and every lap for 60 minutes.
following a standard set by Blue Sky Velo we rewarded Spencer for his efforts with beeeeeer, yep that just rolls off the tongue...bunny hop for beer.

We've had some pretty fantastic late season Tuesday night rides courtesy of Redstone Cyclery. Sounds like the wheel of rides will be controlling our destiny the remainder of the season. Got lights???

We hope to see you at the DBC events Colorado Cyclocross State Championships this weekend.

IF you simply can't get enough OB info click HERE to sign up for our monthly newsletter or HERE to see what beer events we'll be at. Sounds like plenty to be thankfull for....see you all soon!

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