Tuesday, February 3, 2009

better late than never....Winter X 13 photo's

Holy smokes...I'm finally dug out of Aspen & getting back on top of the responsibilities I have in this world. You know, the important ones...like selling beer, delivering good times & blogging them. Whew, what a rough one...ya! The X-games truely are a made for TV hollywood scene, complete with bigger than life props & super stars. Here are a few shots from the trusted eye of www.photo-cycle.com

We were the only beer at the event, granted you did have to have the hard to come by VIP pass. Regardless, it was a great opportunity for us to get our beer in front of many new fans & share in the good times with them.

Inside the VIP tent, we were the only game in town on the hill....OB Brew!

Although I'm most likely considered some form an outdoorsman & fitness geek the biggest draw for me was the snowmobile events. Those sleds & crazy slednecks riding them brought out the throttle twisting Wisconsin in me, I couldn't wait to get on a sled....that story is to come before we dug out of Aspen, but for now let's stick to the X-games.

Yep, standard backflip.
Eddie captured this fantastic view during the qualifying heats before the closed down this angle, looks to be one of the best shots of the snowcross I've seen.
Don't get me wrong, the superpipe was L A R G E ! ! ! Breckenridge homeboy Steve Fischer grabbing some tail.
Antti Autti, with a front side grab for 3rd in the Superpipe.
Shaun White wins another Winter X Games Superpipe.

As always, I gotta thank Eddie for the photo's, but that's only the beginning. Thanks for the turns brotato, we have got some shots from our downtime that really hit the spot..mmmm that's tastey. Check out more of Eddies shots from the week HERE.

This one isn't from Eddie but home girl went for it & paid the price. She shook it off but didn't take her 3rd attempt. The ladies were boostin' outta the pipe as well. Cheers for goin for it Gretchen.


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