Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leadville Winter Series #2

We arrived at the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center in time to enjoy the quick sunset. It was a cool scene with people ready to head out to their dinner at the cookhouse & all the rest of us ready to take 2 wheels to the trails.
It was a fantastic turnout with 65 racers. I opted for a Spot Longboard 9 instead of the usual belt drive. I was happy to have all 9 of the gears too. The 12 mile course had a good amount of up & down but "Fish Flats" a mid race flat section following a sketchy steep descent "Griz" really put the screws to me.

I was stoked, the Redstone Wooley was the perfect answer to the evening's conditions. We had to rig up a "custom" battery holding system after forgetting the cord extension on my light set. We got 'er dialed in & headed to the start line. I hung in the mix and had a good time before everyone headed into the lodge for OB beer & food provided by the cookhouse along with awards & raffles.

Thanks again guys, see you at the one...Cheers!

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