Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a few from my SWEET time in Durango

I had a great time in Durango, visiting retailers, distributors & friends. In classic style Durango swept me off my feet & onto my bike. It was a great chance to catch up with the organizers of this years SSWC (which I was informed will be super sweet) and hit the trails. Thanks for the top notch treatment...Jonathon Reed from Ska Brewery staying low & on the go.
ROBIN GUILLAUME & Jon cruising a burn section at Phil's World.
Jon through the tree's
Robin, the first time at this stop. Have you seen the car keys????
...I think I know where they are, let's head back out.

I should have had a ton of sweet pictures since I had such an amazing time, BUT I was pretty much pinned the entire time & couldn't lift a hand off the bars to posterize the events. Ahhh, you do whatchucan & let the rest roll. Thanks again durango, I will be back SOON!


redstone said...

keep it up man. Meant to ask you if you got over to Cortez. I've heard Phil's is pretty sweet.

Jeff said...

Which liquor stores in Durango have a good Oskar Blues selection? Anywhere I can still get Ten Fidy this time of year?

Melis said...

TenFidy isn't around in Durango. Star Liquors has all 4 of our other beers though.