Wednesday, April 15, 2009

gearing up for Mountain States Cup # 1 in Fruita, CO

We're gearing up for Mountain States Cup #1 in Fruita this weekend. Come celebrate the grown up racer version of Spring Break. Here's what happened last year, hope to see you out there.

I made a little gear change on the Spot Brand single speed during my preparations for Gallup & plan to leave 'er dialed in for Fruita this weekend. All 2008 I ran the Carbon Drive System standard issue gearing of 46x28 with a 122 tooth 1342mm belt(remember it's not a chain measurement) that equated roughly to your basic 32x18.5ish standard chain set up aboard a 29er. I started to mix & match belts & sprockets from the cyclocross gear set up(50x24 gearing & a 118 tooth belt, 1298mm) & plan to run the 46x24 this weekend in Fruita. The addition of the Maverick SC32 fork is also under evolution. The first ride on it I was experiencing a good amount of dive in the front end as I entered high speed corners. I was blowing through the travel pretty quickly. Dave & I at Redstone Cyclery added 10cc of oil to the cartridge & it feels a ton better. I've still got some fine tuning to get it super dialed but I'm digging it more & more each ride. I'm looking forward to seeing the boys from Maverick at the Mountain States Cup events this year.

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