Monday, April 26, 2010

Spot Brand Bikes goes GUBNA Imperial IPA

As spring trails finally open up & our Imperial IPA GUBNA is hitting shelves across the country to rave reviews the fine boys & girls at Spot Brand bikes hooked the OB crew up with a custom GUBNA Imperial IPA set up. We headed over to check out the conditions at the Lyons Dirt Jumps & Skills area to see what the rain had done. It looks like it could be just a few days or so & we should be back ready to roll on the pumptrack & jumps, the skills area was in good shape.
I stopped & geeked out a few bike porn shots before heading up the Picture Rock Trail. Hotdamn that black chrome finish(a steel finish with a hint of black clear coat) is rad in the sun. Picture Rock was OK to the Silo, it was a freaking mess after that so please give this area time to mend before riding it.
We're diggin on the new Spot Brand slider dropout, it's proved to be much more precise in adjusting the tension on the Gates Carbon Drive System and a great improvement with changing flats. Not to mention its super compact & sexy, did i mention sexy.
The rains caused some serious drainage damage at Hall, lines have changed & it was a sketchy that never gets old, especially since it was drastically changed since last time we were there.
The trail was good & even Nelson Loop was good. There were some muddy pockets but if you keep the speeds low & didn't go around the puddles or widen the trail it was OK.
I saw BMA trail crew Chris Echelmeier up there on his Ti Spot CDS with a little custom Oskar Blues package as well. He has a similar sticker kit that Dale has on his Ti-ride, a Mama's Little Yella Pils shout.
Home sweet home. It sure felt good to get out & remember why we call Lyons, CO home.

5+ hours or riding from the front door. Granted I did a few pieces twice but that GUBNA sure tasted good with the Satchmo Burger at Oskar Blues before catching live music with Blackdog Blues Band. BEER, BIKES & MUSIC....cheers to Lyons!

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