Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BoulDurango Days 1 & 2

We headed out from Avery brewery with 9 riders and 3 support folks for the 2010 Tour of BoulDurango. I missed the initial photo's but was able to snap a shot of our first brewery...Coors faded to the floor of the front range below as we climbed lookout mountain for the first climb of the trip. The weather was suprisingly nice as we added elevation with out eye on Tommyknocker. Everyone had a fairly good day in the saddle & Arlo shared a great view with the rest of us as we descended Loukout Mountain. We paralleled Hwy 70 for a while & arrived in one piece at Tommyknocker in time to share brew & food as we watched Contador make waves at the Tour. For more info on the 2010 BoulDurango follow http://wheelsuckingbrewers.blogspot.com/
Coors fades as we head out of the Front Range
Tommyknocker...we made the shortest day at just 50 miles.

The group heads out of Idaho Springs to start Day 2 over loveland pass to Breckenridge Brewery.
We cross mountain bike style construction at times, it was pretty deep & rocky. The Spot Brand cross bike was perfect.

Dave Chichura crosses the cobbles.
Dave Thibodeau from Ska navegates the construction.
Adam Avery with Dave T on his heals.

Adam Avery & Orli share the climb above Georgetown.
Oskar Blues head brewer Dave Chichura starts the climb on Swann Mountain Lake.
Adam Avery on Swann Mountain
OB Logistics man Jeremy Rudolf heads up Swann Mountain Lake before the lone cloud let loose and soaked us for a short time. The weather has been amazing.
Dave Thibodeau and Mountain Bike pro Caitlin Vestal from avery ascend above Georgetown. Opps, these are out of order.
Jeremy hits Loveland Pass on his 1x9 cross bike.
Jeremy & Caitlin getting deep into Loveland Pass.
Dave & Jeremy share an OB Beer at Loveland Pass.
Ska's Arlo Grammatica kickin it on the Continental Divide.

We headed down Loveland pass & over Swann Mountain before heading to Breckenridge Brewery for food & beer with Tebo.

Heading to Buena Vista tomorrow...off for more beers & taco's with Tebo & the Breckenridge Brew crew.

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