Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tour of BoulDurango: Ted take #1

Adam says, whatchu need? We got it!
Ted announces JR., CONGRATS & A Shot on Us!
Thank you Breckenridge.
The group organizes as Dave T rocks the SSWC 2009 Jersey D-Town style.
Dave gets in the groove on Hosier Pass.

Adam Avery summits Hoosier Pass
Orli & his Blue at the Pass.
Bustin' out miles off HWY 9 & HWY 24 before the short run on HWY 285.

Adam descends like a box o freeeeking rocks....hittin' it on HWY 285 down to Buena Vista.
Dave C under views of the Collegiate Peaks.
Dave T gives a Hell Yeah outside of EddyLine Brewery ( in Buena Vista. Good IPA & Pale Ale.

OB brewer Dave Chichura gives a boost on the river post-game style.
Cold Canned Craft Beer, Post Ride & River Style....I jus't don't get any betterPERIOD.
Photo Man & OB Regular Eddie Clark spreads the vibe on a sick day.

Off to Salida tonight to meet up with the Brick Oven boys for a night in Salida before heading to CB tomorrow.

Cheers & Beers

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