Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Salida, CO Pumpraiser - Pumptrack Fundraiser

Pump It Up Salida! – Saturday April 3, 8PM at the Steamplant.

The Salida Bike Park Committee is holding a fundraiser featuring music by the Groove Farmers, a bike auction, raffle and Oskar Bues Brewery beer and nonalcoholic beverages for all. Proceeds will benefit the Home Run Pumptrack and beginner skills course to be built in Marvin Park. This new bike park will offer something for riders of all skill levels and will be the center piece of Salida’s bid to be the first Pump Town USA named by the International Mountain Bike Association.

If you are not familiar with pumptracks check out our March 2,2010 article and don’t miss the great video of World Champion Mick Hanna who lives in Buena Vista.

Admission starts at just twelve bucks for adults, only five for kids 13-20 and everyone 12 and under are free.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Beer Review Ever: GUBNA Imperial IPA

March 18th, 2010.

“Smells like dank weed. Tastes exactly like chewing on some dank assed weed. That being said, this beer is an all out green bomb. About the hoppiest thing that’s ever residenced in my mouth hole, it’ll phuuk you up more than what it tastes and smells like. Medium bodied for not so bad drinkability and beautifully still and sweet looking in the glass. So you can carry up to an ounce of greens on you legally in CO? No shit, because you can carry cases of this stuff and it’s fine. I would like to meet the brewer of Oskar Blues, and have a conversation about...Trolli bright crawlers and Ben and Jerrys. This sh** is intense...”


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NEW Old Chub Scotch Ale Cans

Our jaw-dropping Scottish strong ale (8% ABV) 2008 World Beer Championship Gold Medal winner has new digs. . Can collectors grab the old ones while you got ‘em. HEAD, PAPER, NOW.

Photo's by www.photo-cycle.com

Daylight Savings Time - Tuesday Ride

Since it's now officially Daylight Savings Time, we'll aim to save as much daylight as possible by starting on the bike, 5:30pm at Redstone. This Tues, we'll be riding & Drinking local. Pack a light, though, so we can do the tour de LGS too!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Devil's Backbone be Dry

The OB crew found dry paydirt at the old late winter / early spring stand bye. We've had some good ones there each of the last few years...remember? How about this one? We found a kickstand along the trail....not exactly close to the entrance, wondering what the source of that baby was looking like? Dale put the kickstand to use as we enjoyed a few Dale's Pale Ale & sunshine.

High Lonesome Hut Fraser

The High Lonesome Hut just outside of Fraser & roughly 3 miles of skin/snowshoe in was more like a rocky mountain backcountry condo. It had running water, a huge wood burning stove & 3 levels. We had a group of 10 & it held easily. We went the full car camping of snow retreats complete with a snowmobile pulled sled for supplies, there was no shortage of food or booze in this single overnight adventure. The group splintered into cross country skis, snowshoes, sledding. The sledding took on another turn later in the evening as a previously build luge course was freshened up & got rolling. This is a large stay that is very accessible.The skin in

The start of the luge
Marily dropping in
Throgh the 3rd berm
riding it out...
The group sippin'
A bit of a cheat...there was no shortage of booze or food after having a full service sled in.

All packed up the group heads out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series #3 - Crystal Carnival

The 2010 Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series finally was celebrated with their Crystal Carnival. We stopped to grab a sandwich & saw a picture in the paper from the previous race. A pretty sweet shot, although it is only half of the group, hoisting a big Oskar Blues toast, CHEER! One of the Highlights of Crystal Carnival is the Ski Joring. Man, that is some crazy stuff...the horses are so powerfull & hauling ass while the skier holds on for dear life. It's a pretty fun gig to watch. They collect rings on their arms, round gates, & go over huge jumps that flat land...if any of them are missed the skier recieves a time penalty. There were some smooth runs & some spectacular crashes....the speed & power was sweet!

The Ski Joring was done I headed to get the lights mounted & get to registration to share a beer with the folks at Cycles Of Life bikeshop. These guys & the community of Leadville has some exciting trail plans for the summer of 2010 & all the race proceeds are going towards those projects, a great way to help the trail system & have fun riding at night above 10,000 feet. The course ran right off the Ski Joring course & started & finished directly in from of The Scarlette Inn which pours Old Chub on draft. Over 70 people filled mainstreet on bikes as the group headed out to race the Mineral Belt trail. A roughly 13 mile race, all on groomed ski trails except for the roll out of town & then the climb back in. The snow was set up super sweet & the speeds were high. The conditions were so good you were on the hammer 100% of the time & it hurt. The initial 5 miles or so was a good gradual climb & then the rest of the course was a fun twisty & rolling tromp in the woods. A good number of racers finished the course well under an hour.
After the race we all joined for Beer, Pizza, raffles & awards at Proving Grounds coffee to celebrate a fun series of 3 races.

It was a fun series. I'm looking forward to heading back to Leadville and grabbing a shovel to help get the trail project underway. I hope to see more of you there next year.


Friday, March 5, 2010

The "Sam's Pant's" of Winter Trail Conditions...Buchanan Pass Trail

some may call it the cats ass...round here when the trail conditions above 9500 ft are boot packed we call it the "Sam's Pants" of trail conditions. The Redstone Tuesday night ride had 8 locked & loaded restoners ready to hit high country trail the first weekend of March. After racing the Leadville winter races, doing some skate skiing & a bit of snowshoeing I figured it would be good but this was simply...The Sam's Pants. Trail conditions were nearly perfect & a great pre-run for the final race at Leadville this weekend.

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

A big ole warm shout out to the local boys & girls at Pearl Izumi for the Barrier GTX winter riding shoes from Redstone. Cheers!

Hope to see you all this weekend at the Leadville Crystal Carnival & the final race of the Leadville Winter Mountian Bike Race Series Saturday night following an Oskar Blues beer fueledSki Joring downtown Leadville...•Mineral Belt Mayhem - Saturday, March 6 at 7:00pm

Example of the Sam's Pants:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carbon Drive Systems Video Shoot this Sunday & Monday Boulder Area

CDS is filming a video project Sunday and Monday......if there's anyone around who has a belt drive bike who wants to be filmed we'll be rolling cameras in the Boulder Area. Check out there blog HERE at http://blog.carbondrivesystems.com/

Please contact me Paul at paul@trueoverdrive.com if interested.

Give Paul a shout if you will be around!

Check out the great Tuesday Night Redstone -> Oskar Blues ride last night. Stay tuned for the OB version!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

L-R Aaron Egge, Mike Haubert, Scott Haubert, Rockin Chair Ron Schuman, Sean Keating.

Team Oskar Blues rolled into Frisco CO this past weekend with high expectations and dreams of bringing home the 1st Annual Colorado Pond Hockey Championship Trophy.

For those who didn't know that Pond Hockey Tournaments exist, they do and the game is played with 4 players on the ice at a time for each team. No goaltenders and you play two 15 minutes halves. Think of it as a cyclocross race where play never stops until the clock tells you to or you've crossed the finished line. Teams score by putting the puck in a wooden goal that is 4 feet in width, 2 feet deep and 6" high with two small openings on each side.

When the tourney ended, we came home with a 2-2 recor. Howevery, "Team Oskar Blues" made themselves known by knocking out "Team Pabst" (the tournament beer sponsor. We now have an official rivalry between Team Oskar Blues and Team Pabst. They came in 4-0 and we found ourselves in a "spoiler" position. Well we spoiled it all right. Team Pabst we somewhat of a favorite I suppose with a couple of guys that played Division I but we said, not today Pabst. We played by far the best game of the weekend and never let them get closer than 4 goals. We knocked them out of the championship bracket which made Team Oskar Blues very popular amongst the teams who had already advanced.

Our tourney play was over but we left on a good note with a huge victory. The nice folks from Pabst welcomed Oskar Blues in like family. We set up a tent and blended in the fine crafted beer we all know and love and great times were had by all.

Notice the Blue can in his hand and the jersey he is wearing. giddyup

Here is me with David Janoweic and Jeff Suffolk who put this all together. Notice the similarities in the caps? Minnesota boys stick together.

Nighty night, hockey makes Aaron sleepy. Well Hockey and OB Beer makes Aaron sleepy.

Thanks Oskar Blues for letting us fly the flag.

GEAR MASHERS BALL, Steamboat this weekend!

Inaugural GEAR MASHERS BALL- a tribute to all forms of the bicycle! This gala event is an annual fundraiser supporting a local cycling cause who demonstrates a passion for the bicycle. Suggested cost $10, all proceeds go towards Essam's Single Speed World Championship ride in Rotorua, New Zealand. SILENT AUCTION items from- moots, ski & bike kare, ski haus, orange peel, eriksen cycles, honey stinger, aspire & many, many, more......Silent Auction ends at 10:30 pm. BEER provided by OSKAR BLUES BREWERY. Gear Mashers Ball is a celebration of the bicycle (midnight dance party). Please stop by & bring your friends it's for a good cause.
Check out details via Spindle1biketours.com or their Facebook page.
Start Time:
Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 1:00am
The Art Depot
1001 13th St.
Steamboat Springs, CO