Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tour of BoulDurango - Day 3

Day Three of the 2011 BoulDurango Ride started a little rough after some high country late night shots & cow milking and fun. We headed out of town up and over Hoosier Pass on our way to Buena Vista and river time. Here we go... After an evening complete with shots & cow milking the group is ready to head out to Hoosier Pass.
heading out of Breck.

Hi water crossing while leaving Breckenridge & getting into the Hoosier Pass climb.
Outta Summit County views.
Oskar Blues getting into the climb.
Dale & Jeremy climb on Hoosier Pass.
C Melis Wheelie
Adam Avery on Hoosier Pass.
Chichura climbs.
Arlo gets into Hoosier.
Chichura summits Hoosier Pass.
Chichura hoists a Sun King Brewery on Hoosier Pass Summit.
Tag, you're it.

The group on Hoosier Pass.
Dave Thibodeau, Dale Katechis and Steve Grossman work together on HWY 24 on the way to Hartsel to avoid HWY 285 traffic. It didn't work, Joe was forced off the road by a driver on HWY 9.
The end of HWY 9 for Chad Melis & Steve Grossman.
Smiley finds fun while waiting for the group.
Johnny has a feast ready for the riders. Thanks Johnny!
Chichura takes a rest after the flat section from HWY 9 from Hartsel before heading out on HWY 285.
Adam Avery & Joe are in the paceline heading out on HWY 285.
Dave Thibodeau and Chichura descend HWY 285 headed to Buena Vista.
Jeremy finished while looking for an Eddie Line Pale Ale. The PA and IPA were tasty!
The group rolls into Eddie Line Brewery on the banks of the Arkansas

Dave CHichura get's the first lauch into the river.
The group shares post ride brews on the Arkansas River.
Otter get's a ride for some surf....good dog.
Boaters join the river CHEERS!
Arlo poised to get some body surf.
gettin' after it.
Arlo surfin'
Smiley servin' 'em up.
Jeremy goes for the over the Johnny of many.
They're real, Chichura's friends are not blow up dolls. odd.
not much fun without a fat knobby that is. REEB.
Sam Climbing a rock in BV.

Dale says G'Knight until Cottonwood Pass.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tour of BoulDurango - Day 2

Day two of the 2011 BoulDurango rolled out of Idaho Springs with a towards Breckenridge. The Group Rolls outta Idaho Springs

Steve Grossman in Georgetown.

The group absorbed a guest for a while.
Smiley is sad.
Arlo starts on Loveland

The Crew Chief climbs Loveland.

Joe summits Loveland Pass.
Dave Chichura and Cdillis.

Dave hoists a Sun King as a Cheers!

Swan Lake Rd is goooooood.

Hittin Breck.
a broken chain gets a helping hand.

TEBO welcomes us to Breckenridge Brewery for a few pints.