Tuesday, July 29, 2008

24 Hours of Adreneline World Championships: Bronze

Homegirl JG spent the last week traveling to Canada & preparing for her first 24 hour solo World Championships in Canmore, Alberta. Jen's been super consistant all season & has had a few races that seemed to be break out events for her...but again I'm thinkin' this one takes the cake. Congratulations on your Bronze medal performance in the Canadian Rockies.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tour de Steamboat

Dale's Pale Ale will provide after party at Kent Eriksen's Tour De Steamboat this weekend. Kent needs no introduction & The SWEETPOST speaks for itself....mmmmmmm. Come on out & help us support colorado cycling & the sunshine kids fund raiser.

Don't forget Oskar Blues will be providing the stage for fantastic musicians all month. This week & remaining month are extraordinarily thick with our own Rockygrass festival in town. Tonight Lyon's own Spring Creek Bluegrass Band will hit the stage. Come on out tomorrow & gather 'round the mic with Georgia's Packway Handle Band.
ummmm.did someone mention floating the old Saint Vrain river with a DPA?.?.?.?
Hot Tub Harry's style of river entry is not recommended for Non-Lyons-Locals.

RECORD PACE & The World Championship calm before the storm

Dellys continued her olympic pursuit with a record time in Winter Park last weekend. You can check out the full story via VeloNews HERE. Dell is not alone in her quest for pain & glory via the bike...Jen Gersbach (affectionately known as JG) has hit the road in preperation for the 24 hour world championships. You can ride with her Erealtime style via http://24adrenalinlive.blogspot.com/ & our own little blog site right here. In addition to the rainbow stripes the SS world champion will be rewarded with a custom SPOT BRAND longboard. Good Luck JtotheG & all of you hitting the trail with the canned beer fit for a king.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3rd Annual Beer with Balls

Join us at Ute Creek Golf Course for the 3rd annual Beer with Balls golfing event. Call Chris Katechis for Registration at 303-746-0020, the registration deadline is August 1st.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Today's AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN newspaper announced OB's arrival to several Texas markets. Check out locations in states coast-to-coast via the "Find Our Beer" link on our Website.

Here's how the article reads 'bout us.
And landing on retail shelves right now is nuttiness from the foothills of the Rockies: Oskar Blues Brewery's Dale's Pale Ale, with two other of the Lyons, Colo., brewery's offerings, Old Chub Scottish Style Ale and Gordon, set to land in the retail market this week, with kegs in bars to follow. The sinewy Dale's was top-ranked in a 2005 New York Times pale ale tasting panel's judgment and it scores a 95 at Ratebeer.com. It has a distinct, almost buttery mouth feel, with good body and an assertive but not overpowering hop nose. Wonderful copper color, too. Chub is a Scottish strong ale with a mouth feel similar to Dale's, tons of malt and a bit of beechwood-smoked grains to suggest a peaty single-malt Scotch. Its color might be imposing if dark beers give you nightmares, but give it a try and you might be surprised. Yes, it does have some chew from all that malt but not as much as you'd think. And it makes me want to put my kilt on. The Gordon is a stern one, a cross between an imperial red and an IPA, with 8.7 percent alcohol by volume and 85 IBUs. The hop-to-malt ratio is more balanced than the first whiff upon opening the can would suggest, and the hop nose is almost citrus-y or floral, not unlike a Stone IPA. If you love big beers, look for four-packs of this. Locally, Oskar Blues is available at the Whip Inn, some H-E-Bs, Central Market, Whole Foods, Grapevine Market and more.

Yeah, yeah, I know — good beer in cans? Get over it. Oskar Blues was the first micro to can beer six years ago and has been winning medals and accolades from extreme beer lovers ever since. The idea at first was simply to have packaged beer to sell to fans of the brew pub and restaurant, back when they were running about 700 barrels a year. Last year they brewed almost 12,500, and they have a new brewery in a nearby town.

The brewery says contemporary cans are lined, so metal never touches the beer. Moreover, canning helps reduce their shipping costs and carbon footprint, lets beer drinkers take the beer where bottles aren't practical or are prohibited and protects the brew from damaging ultraviolet light. Something's working for them — they're one of the fastest-growing craft brewers in the U.S., and their arrival in this market is a very welcome development. (And for more on the can vs. bottle debate from an environmental perspective, check out an illuminating discussion in Slate magazine at www.slate.com/id/2186219.)

Oh, and the brewery also makes what it calls the world's first lip balm made with beer — Old Chub, to specify. The safety seal says "Twist the knob and rub the chub." Uh, I'm not sure I want to.

A salud to St. Arnold's of Houston, which took a gold medal in the Brewers Association's World beer cup for its Divine Reserve No. 4 in the strong scotch ale category and a silver in the international pale ale category for Elissa IPA. Spoetzl Brewery of Shiner also took a silver for in American-style wheat beer for Shiner Dunkelweizen. Oskar Blues' Gordon, mentioned above, took a bronze for imperial reds.

click HERE to read the entire article.

Busy Weekend Ahead & a Blast from the past Mass

This weekend Dales Pale Ale & the Rocky Mountain Ultra endurance series head to the 2008 Laramie Enduro 111K. If you'll be staying in the Front Range you can also find us at Lyons own Rocky Grass. The 36th annual bluegrass celebration on the shore of the North Saint Vrain river boasts one of the nations best bluegress line up & venue.

If your looking to get to the high country to avoid the heat, catch the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance's June 26th Little Raven Trail Bridge work day. BMA will supply tools, materials, food and drinks. This project has something for everyone, including an opportunity to leave the hot lowlands for the cool mountains and the posibility of an after project ride on the Little Raven Trail. Click HERE for more info & to sign up.

We have a few more pictures from last weekends Blast the Mass MSC race. Dellys was able to continue her run to the Olympics with a solid victory in the Women's pro cross country race.<

OuchMelissa Buhl keeps her new World Champion Ranbow Stripes clean while she wins the 4x.
Lyon's local ripper Wade staying smoove in the 4x.

Check out all of Eddie's Blast the Mass shots HERE.

See you out & about with the universe's biggest beer in a can.

Breckenridge 100 - New Course Record

The Breckenridge 100 created a perfect canvas for Josh Tostado to paint his masterpiece, all 8 hours 14 mintues & 37 seconds of it. I don't have much to say: that man, 4 consecutive wins & that phenominal time pretty much says it all. It was another hot dusty day in the Colorado high country. Men & women competed in quite a few races, The full monty 100 miler (nearly 13,000 ft of climbing), the 68 & the 32 miler. Monique & I oppted for a co-ed duo edition of the 68 mile race...just the right amount of suffering before turning the duties to everyones favorite beer. After being on course & taking part in the awards I don't have too much in the form of insight or pictures....but that's why we have folks like Mountain Flyer Magazine to help us out. Check out the full report of one of Summit Counties most difficult bike races right HERE.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blast the Mass

Another weekend of Mountain States Cup glory has come & gone with warm temperatures & dusty conditions. Thanks to everyone who retreated from the sun under the protective womb of the DPA/Spot Brand tents. See you at the next round.

As always the fantastic eye candy provided by Photo Eddie, Cheers Broseph.

On our way home we followed Anthony Sloan's advice from Dirt Rag Magazine Issue #136 & hit the super assesible I-70 Minturn Exit 171. After Beerin' up Elgee we got the last few bits of singltrack via the Meadow Mountain Loop before heading to Moe's BBQ in Vail. Check out that issue of Dirt Rag Magazine(Page 96) for a full on Oskar Blues assault.

Moutain Flyer Magazine contaminated the inside back cover of their June issue with an article about Biking Beers, check out what they had to say 'bout us. They also featured our home town scene in an article about living the dream lyons style with Redstone Cyclery's Dave Chase. Check 'em out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Firecracker 50 via Mountain Flyer Magazine

Our brothers in bikes at Mountain Flyer Magazine have gotten event updates rollin' via their website, check out the Firecracker 50 updates via www.mountainflyer.com

Monday, July 7, 2008

Firecracker 50, National Marathon Championships

What an amazing weekend to be spent celebrating the old Red White & Blue in Breckenridge. The race earned stars & stripes jerseys for the marathon national champions while the town of Breckenridge embraced the event & the spirit of the entire weekend. It was beautiful to see the energy of the race, town & holiday culminate into a bombastic weekend. The Dales Pale Ale / Spot Brand team again was out on the town & at the starting line. The team was lead by the amazing performance of Jen Gersbach who finished 3rd in the women's pro national championship race & the tandem of Megan Monroe & Brian Fuentes who won the Maverick Coed division by over 15 minutes. Hometown hero Travis Lukens also had a fine day finishing the 50 miles & nearly 11,000 feet of climbing on his Spot Brand(CDS) Singelspeed in 4 hours & 42 minutes, good enough for 6th place in the SS category. Here are some images from Eddie's stash.
Jen was fast from start to finish in a breakout performance.The better looking half of team Monroe/Fuentes heads to the finish.
Brian has been flying all year, congrats on a great start to the 2008 season manIt was a long hard dusty day for me, but I made it just under 5 hours.aaaahhhhh it feels good to be done.