Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blast the Mass

Another weekend of Mountain States Cup glory has come & gone with warm temperatures & dusty conditions. Thanks to everyone who retreated from the sun under the protective womb of the DPA/Spot Brand tents. See you at the next round.

As always the fantastic eye candy provided by Photo Eddie, Cheers Broseph.

On our way home we followed Anthony Sloan's advice from Dirt Rag Magazine Issue #136 & hit the super assesible I-70 Minturn Exit 171. After Beerin' up Elgee we got the last few bits of singltrack via the Meadow Mountain Loop before heading to Moe's BBQ in Vail. Check out that issue of Dirt Rag Magazine(Page 96) for a full on Oskar Blues assault.

Moutain Flyer Magazine contaminated the inside back cover of their June issue with an article about Biking Beers, check out what they had to say 'bout us. They also featured our home town scene in an article about living the dream lyons style with Redstone Cyclery's Dave Chase. Check 'em out.


Anonymous said...

Nice new header. Who raced the Breckenridge race?

Melis said...

Monique & I raced the 68 miler as a co-ed duo. I rode loop 2 on the CDS singlespeed & she rocked the gears on loop 3.

Anonymous said...

Fine job. Should I get out the file photo again? I hope it felt good to be back in the saddle again.

Anonymous said...

hey dale!just saw it beer at the whole foods here in NYC!hope all is well,holly