Friday, May 30, 2008

Round 2: MSC#3 Chili Challenge Pictures

More Mountain States Cup #3 photos from Angel Fire, NM are HERE via Eddie
Jump in the DPA RV & join the Spot Brand race team party tour. Maybe we'll even get to talk with Old Man Michael Vigers at the Lyons Outdoor Games.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spot Brand Bike Silent Auction for the Lyons Outdoor Games

Oskar Blues will be bringing food for the Lyons Outdoor Games kickoff party, come hang with us at Sandstone Park around 6:00 for live music & a kayak movie: The Lost World, Hotel Charley vol. 3.

Oskar Blues has a Spot Longboard currently accepting bids at the Lyons Outdoor Games silent auction. We'll be ending this baby Saturday night at the Oskar Blues after Party. Come on out & check out Kayaking, cycling, dog events & the Lyons vibe.

Sam Powers giving a sample of what the Dirt Jump comp has to offer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MSC #3 - Chile Challenge Pictures

We're still unpacking & recovering from a hellofa weekend of bike racing. Our man Photo Eddie doesn't sleep so we can all take in the sights of a weekend jam packed with racing, fun & crowning of National Champions. Here's round one, you can take a nap now Eddie, well...after your ride.
The weekend started out cold and wet with snow covering the top half of the mountain, which meant rain gear for the downhillers getting in practice runs.
Gavin Hayes brought it home for the win in the mens 30+ SuperD on his Maverick ML8.
Upcomer Lyons local Sam Powers of Bitterbrush Cycles won the Downhill - Jr Sport Men 15-18 class.Some racers improvised on the fly to get on down to the SuperD finish!
The still clean gang lined up for the camera prior to getting some pre-ride on the xc course.
Can't see the course for the riders. Mountain crossers lining up for their seeding runs.
The mountain cross provided plenty of non-stop excitement and great spectating for everyone that hiked up the hill.
"Old Man" Michael Viggers destroyed the entire JuniorX field on his singlespeed Spot Brand. Yep, I said on his singlespeed...good gravy...get to class...we know you have a test in the morning.
The singlespeed class came out smokin', smokin' from shootin'
Happy for the sweet singletrack of Angel Fire, Jen Gersbach heads downhill.
Big House, Rich Houseman pinned it to win it in the National Championship Mountain Cross race.
A fine day of racing by the team...
...was followed up with a clunker crit in the pit area.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yeti Tribe Gathering Part II

Saturday we awoke to perfect blue skies and with JT catering sizzlin up some incredible spicy sausage burritos, we were ready to attack the Ribbon Trail. As a result of 4 too many Dales Pale Ale goodness, we missed the early shuttle and took our sweet time getting ready for the second shuttle. Well the second took much longer than we anticipated so we jumped in the blue van and made our way the to the trail head. Aaron and I were not too familiar with the area so we rode up the Tabeguache trail, onto the road and to the top of the ribbon. While riding the road the second shuttle passed us so as Roscoe P. Coltrane says, "We were in hot pursuit, aahhhguuuuguuuuu". Although we never caught the group we enjoyed the descent after spending about an hour or so trying to find the singletrack that takes you off of the huge slickrock that begins the ribbon. We found a group that showed the way and we were gone.

After a great ride, we pulled into the trailhead parking to find the whole crew literally dying for dales because they saw the van sitting there with no keys. So cracked the doors and we all had some ice cold heaven in a can and shared our stories of the trail and showed each other the scrapes and bruises that we'd accrued from the ride. Then it was back to the campsite for bunnyhop comps, the limbo and liver killin. I don't have any good photos from the comps cuz my camera failed me but here is what I have.

Aaron Egge, my right hand man.

The talent

Looking for the damn singletrack off the ribbon

Post ride spirits

the Yeti Muscle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gearin' Up

We're loading up & ready to hit the road for this year's MSC#3 Chili Challenge. This is the biggest show on the calendar, hope you all can make it out. If you have to stay local keep an eye on the Lyons Fat Tire Fest right here in our fantastic small town. The river is raging so grab a tube or a kayak for the weekend, should be perfect for the Lyons Outdoor Games next weekend. Whatever your plans are this weekend you might want to fill the backpack with a couple of Colorado's easiest traveling, most prolific, biggest freaking bombastic, concupiscent beer in a can. Please have a fun & safe Memorial day weekend, cheers!

Looks like the weather in Angel Fire, NM will be perfect.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yeti Tribe Gathering in Pics (Part 1)

Well knowing that I'm the local Yeti "heehaw" in town, the fellas at OB were kind enough to ask me on short notice to head to the desert to represent the finest beer in a can. My response, god damn right (but I need to clear it with the wife first). There is always tough talk but as we all know, "you gotta clear it with the wife". Well as always she was supportive and I felt like I just made the half court shot for a million bucks. Thanks Chad and all.

We rolled out in style in the Dales Pale Ale Van with a pallet of the good stuff. Two idiots with visions of the desert and miles of riding and spreading the good word of Dales Pale Ale, Gordons, Old Chub and oh yes, there were a few brave souls who literally downed ten fidy like it was gatorade. There was one gal who drank nothing but I think, very impressive.

Down the road we go....

We finally arrived and got to work immediately. First task, fill the coolers with you know what. Here is the before photo?

Here is the after you can only imagine the craziness.

Big Joe from Yeti gets right to work on the Dales. You would have thought that Elvis showed up when the Dales Pale Ale van was spotted.

Here is some the freaks themselves enjoying the campfire.

Oh Yeah and we did ride. The first day was the Tabeguache area or as we called it (Tabe - Gwatch). Most of the group chose to shuttle to the top of the ribbon, Aaron and I chose to ride the the Tabe-Gwatch, on to the road and up to the top of ribbon. Could have done without the road but it felt good to get some mileage knowing the Deathmarch is coming up in a week.

That is all for now, I have many more photos to share so I will split them up into a couple of posts. Here is a photo of me previewing some very interesting photos that I'm sure you will enjoy, but I have to save them for next time. Saturday night awaits and thats the night it gets goofy.

Until next time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Growler Series

Oskar Blues will be helping our buddies on the western slope with their series of races & fun rides at Hartman Rocks. Check it out.

For Immediate Release

Mountain Bike Race and Fun Ride Series to Kick Off Thursday May 22

It’s on. The Gunnison Valley Bicycle Club and Gunnison Trails invite all cyclists to roll out to Hartman Rocks May 22 at 4:30pm and register for the 2008 Growler Series opener. Riding starts at 5:45pm.

For 2008 the new Growler Series will consist of nine events – four spring series and four fall series events plus a special 32 or 64-mile endurance event dubbed the Original Growler on Sunday June 8.

The Growler Series format is based on one thing – having fun. The courses will be challenging but can be ridden by all. There will be separate events for kids and all levels of adults including handcyclists.

Following in tradition, the first and last date of each respective seasonal series will be concluded with a celebration at Pie Zans pizza in Gunnison, who has graciously offered to supply pizza and beverages for the participants. A tailgater gathering at Hartman Rock base area will follow all other event dates and participants receive a 50% discount for a post ride dinner at Pie Zans.

Event dates are May 22 and 29, June 8, 12 and 19, and September 4, 11, 18 and 25. All races will be held at Hartman Rocks on Thursday evenings with the exception of the Original Growler on Sunday June 8. Registration cost is $15 for the Thursday events and $25 for the Original Growler. Discounted season passes will also be available.

These events are made possible by generous contributions from: Pie Zans, Alpine Orthopaedics, Crested Butte Builders, Oskar Blues Brewery, Rock N Roll Sports, Tune Up, Tomichi Cycles, Gunnison Bank and Trust, Crested Butte Printing and Back at the Ranch.

For more information please call 970-641-1804, email or check out

Field Test

I headed up into the forest with Mr Redstone Cyclery Dave Chase to preview the "B" ride for his upcoming Lyons Fat Tire Fest. It felt great to get back up into the mountains & enjoy the views & sunshine.
The views started fantastic & stayed that way all day.

We got to a point where the view allowed us to see where the "A" ride for the weekend will go.
Dave says, so we will climb over that & then climb back over here & then climb climb climb. Did I mention there is some climbing?
The homesteads offered a sense of history, these folks lived through some tough winters up there.
We decided to take a break, enjoy the view & crack a Gordon at the old sawmill.
can'o bliss. satisfy ya.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Busy Weekend

The Oskar Blues Cycling contingent had a super fun & busy weekend. First off we sent our local Yeti guru rockin' Ron Schuman to Fruita to beer up the 2008 Yeti Tribe gathering. Sounds like good riding & good times were had by all, more to come from the Yeti geek himself I'm sure. We also hit the Battle the Bear & Front Range 50 races with Brew & some BBQ. Dales Pale Ale / Spot Brand riders had a heck of a day in the saddle led by Delly's Starr's victory & Megan Monroe's 4th in the female pro race. Michael Vigers continued his streak of early season form to take home 2nd in the single speed Battle the Bear. That was only a 30 mile race, Monique Hein finished the fidy miler just under 4 hours to claim second in the 19-29 Female category & 4th overall before continuing on & riding in the kids race. Chelsea McGowen & Gavin Hayes also covered all 50 of the hot Front Range miles.

Sunday we headed back to Lyons to work on the Bohn Park Dirt Jump scene in preparation for the Lyons Outdoor Games. The jumps are all pretty well sculpted but just need to be ridden in a bit more as the competition approaches. TJ Sharp & his homeboy Dave Camp came out to put the final touches on them & burn 'em in. TJ built some killer kicks & these things are putting people into orbit. If the big line looks a little to Barry Bonds for you there are also 2 smaller lines to get your huck on. Come on out & help us get these babies dialed in the next two weeks.

We're gearing up for this years Chili Challenge. This year the Chili is extra hot, it's a world's team qualifier for MX and DH for pros and juniors, a NMBS race for SD, DH and MX, a USAC MTB National Calendar Event Gravity and XC, a UCI inscripted C2 event for DH and MX & also the MX National Championships (pro only). Summer is heating up already, see you on the dirt!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oskar Blues Partners with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Starting this month, Oskar Blues Brewery will begin supplying the custom-made distiller’s wash for Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, the pioneering micro distiller located in Denver, Colorado.

Oskar Blues will craft about 3000 gallons of Stranahan’s wash each week in its Longmont facility. Stranahan’s will purchase the wash and truck it by food-grade tanker to its Denver distillery.

"This is a very big deal for us," says Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis. "Jess and his team are whiskey mavericks, they’re doing for whiskey what craft brewers have done for beer. They’ve proven that with guts, talent and a blind eye to the status quo, one can make whiskey as good as any out there."

Since its opening in 2003, Stranahan’s had been making its Straight Rocky Mountain Whiskey from distiller’s wash provided by Flying Dog Brewery in Denver. In January, Flying Dog shifted its Denver brewing efforts to its brewery in Frederick, Maryland.

Oskar Blues contacted Graber immediately upon hearing of Flying Dog’s decision to move and offered its services.

The brewery-made wash plays a key role in the premium quality of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. It is made for Stranahan’s from a recipe created by Jess Graber. After mashing in and fermentation, the wash is filtered prior to distillation. This filtering frees the wash of many of the harshness-producing characteristics found in traditionally produced whiskey mash.

"This cleaner, purer wash," says Graber, "gives us a really superior product to start with, and it reaches maturity much faster."

The wash gets another unique treatment in the hybrid pot/column still that Graber designed. It blends the benefits of the pot-type still used for scotch with the bourbon-style column still. Stranahan’s temperature and humidity-controlled barrel-aging room further enhances the quality of the whiskey and speeds its development.

"By using all of these unique methods and extra efforts," Graber says, "we get an ultra-smooth and extra-flavorful whiskey that tastes way beyond its years."

"These guys are bold innovators." Katechis says. "And they’re bringing whiskey back to a small-batch, grassroots level that’s unpretentious and people can identify with. They’re the kind of entrepreneurs we want to partner with."

Oskar Blues and Stranahan’s intend to develop various cross-promotional programs to highlight their collaboration.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Last Spring Trip to the Desert

Oskar Blues Brewery will be heading to Fruita one more time this spring to provide beer to the Yeti Tribe gathering. For the 2nd straight year Yeti freaks from around the country will enjoy the classic Colorado canned beer while ripping classic Colorado single track. Can 'o Bliss, satisfy ya!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Rock Racing good for Cycling: Poll Results

The results of my recent poll say that very few people think Rock Racing is bad for cycling. However the debate takes on a different attitude when the discussion changes from bad to good. Nearly as many people appear to be "Over It" as voted that "yes" it is good for cycling. One thing is for certain...Michael Ball knows how to get attention...something that is never bad regardless of what side of the fence you live on. If you have an opinion please let is know your thoughts via the "comments" section below. Thanks for participating.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BMA eNews May 13th

Time to Show Up!
OSMP Moves Forward
With New Trails in South Boulder
To Be Open in 2008

Please make plans to attend the OSBT meeting on Wednesday, May 14, in City Council Chambers at Broadway and Canyon. We need positive voices urging OSMP staff to keep pushing the Visitor Master Plan implementation forward.

OSMP has awarded contracts to build the Flatirons Vista trail and about half of the Springbrook Loop (known as trail 14). Contractors will be onsite in August to build and complete these new trails by the end of September.

The second half of the Springbrook Loop, known as trail 13, will be presented to the Open Space Board of Trustees on May 14. We need to show up in numbers to support staff and their efforts to provide quality trail experiences for all users. The final alignment of this trail has been under development for most of this year, and staff has finally settled on an alignment. We are happy with the results.

Some talking points:
The monitoring report on the High Plains Trail shows excellent compliance. 98% compliance, and the 2% that leave the trail aren't on bikes. Trail width is still 18" in most places. no expansion of trail width....bikes ride in single file... a bike trail in an HCA... working VERY well
User conflict - the shock of bikes on Doudy Draw is wearing off and although we had a flurry of complaints after it was first open to bikes, complaints now are few and far between
There is a perception of bike/hike/horse conflict... trail design has more to do with that than anything else
There is plenty of monitoring going on in this area - but most of the animals will figure out where the trails are and adapt... they won't go extinct.
Bikes stay on the trail....
Draw attention to access growth throughout the County. This place isn't going to be overrun by bikes... this will disperse the use across the region... and actually decrease impacts overall
We need discount the notion that parking by cyclists will not negatively impact parking in Doudy Draw and South Boulder Creek.
Bike Patrol - we get to hammer that one.
Click HERE for a link to OSMP maps and information on these new trails!

Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol
Training This Week Only!

It's time to get the patrol going for the Boulder Area! Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol (BMBP) is a volunteer mountain bike organization dedicated to promoting responsible riding and trail use on our public lands, providing a service to all trail users, and participating in this mission by riding our bikes. To patrol, you ride select trails and provide simple, helpful services (give directions to trail users, help with minor mountain bike repairs), then report your patrol time via an easy web form after your ride.

BMBP provides service to three different land management agencies by riding trails throughout Boulder County, including: West Magnolia;
Marshall Mesa; Hall, Heil Valley, and Walker Ranches; Betasso Preserve; Rabbit Mountain. If you already ride these areas regularly, consider joining BMBP - you can chalk up your rides as "volunteer time". If you want to ride more, BMBP provides a great way to branch out! All speeds and skill levels are welcome.

We are offering two training sessions this year and you only need to attend one (session A or session B) which qualifies you as a patroller for all 3 agencies and all of the trail systems listed above! Spaces are limited in Session A. Sign up if you plan to attend so that we have enough training materials, pizza, and soda on hand for everyone.

Training Session A: May 14th @ the Boulder USFS office off of Hwy 36 (2140 Yarmouth Avenue) at 5:30pm to 8pm (classroom session) and May
15th @ the Marshall Mesa Trailhead in South Boulder at 5:30 to 8pm (field session). Dinner will be served (pizza and soda/water). You must attend both nights to complete the training and be qualified to Patrol. The times may be shorter and get out earlier if we keep the trainings moving along; group ride (light permitting) and/or Southern Sun options after the May 15th session.

Training Session B: Sunday, May 18th @ the Cherryvale OSMP Offices (Cherryvale Road, about 1/4 mile south of the intersection with South
Boulder Road), meeting 9am to roughly 2pm. A light breakfast of bagels and juice will be served and lunch (pizza and soda/water). We will do a classroom session in the morning and then head out to the Marshall Trailhead for some field scenarios; group ride and Southern Sun options afterwards.
Click HERE to register for training session A (May 14 & 15)
Click HERE to register for training session B (May 18)

To learn more about BMBP, please contact us at

BMA Film Night at the
Boulder Theater

BMA teamed up with the Boulder Adventure Film & we sold out the Boulder Theater for the 1st Annual BMA film night where we showed the premier of SEASONS a new mtn bike film by the Collective. It was a great night that made you want to get on your bike and rip with your friends.

The evening benefited Boulder DEVO / Tokyo Joe’s Junior Development Team & the BMA Better Trails Fund. We raised $2000 to help the future of our sport travel to races this summer and $4000 to build new trails in Boulder County! We also had a bunch of new members join BMA to be part of Boulder County trail movement. If you would like to join BMA, click HERE.

We showed 2 short films, Fixie Dave, a film Directed and Produced by local film maker Terry Breheny and Mondays, a film by a Daniel Stewart from Victoria British Columbia. We also had an on stage trials demo from Ripstoke the talent local trials demo team.

We look forward to seeing you at next spring’s BMA film night!

Wednesday Evening Rides
No Drop and Open to All

Spring is here and BMA is celebrating by kicking off a new program of weekly social rides. Beginning the first week in May, we'll be hosting local mountain bike rides every Wednesday evening. These are no-drop, social rides open to everyone. You don't have to be a BMA member or an expert rider to come along, meet other riders, and just have fun.

Rides are open to everyone from beginners all the way through retired Pro riders. The rides are very social and give riders a chance to meet other men and women who mountain bike in a relaxed environment. All riders (members & non-members ) will need to sign a simple waiver prior to the ride. To help get rides started on time, we urge riders to down load and bring a signed waiver to the trailhead.

For May's ride schedule and to register for a ride, click HERE.

The Picture Rock Report

Last week, a group of students from New Vista High School, along with BMA crew leaders, continued the construction of the Picture Rock trail.
This was their "Four Days in May" project, where New Vista students participate in projects that allow students to give back to the community, earn school credit and have fun. Close to 1000 feet of trail were built and/or finished by this intrepid bunch.

Props to Al Hardy and Mike Rutter and his crew from BCPOS, Ivette Visbal and Andrew Spetzler from New Vista High School, Adam Massey, Duncan Wheeler and Mark McIntyre from BMA. Congratulations to the students from New Vista - you made this a great project! Pictures are HERE.

On Saturday, the Picture Rock Posse continued that work on some very challenging rocky sections. The Posse will be taking a weekend off this Saturday, as BMA teams up with BCPOS and REI to hold our first 2008 trail work event. Registration was maxed out over two weeks ago, so we'll have an interesting report describing what 70 volunteers can do when they are set loose to build trail.

The next big trail event will be on National Trails Day, June 7. We are planning on having the biggest volunteer trail construction event ever held in Boulder County. We will originate in Lyons, and work our way south toward Left Hand Canyon. A lunch will be provided by BCPOS and followed by a BBQ put on by OSKAR BLUES. To register for the National Trails Day Event on June 7, click HERE.

Can't swing a trail tool all day anymore? Logistics/volunteer support is just as important and we need help! Contact Mike Barrow at

BMA Loves Our Business Members!
Redstone Cyclery
Blue Sky Cycles
High Gear Cyclery
Performance Bike Shop
Cutting Edge Sports
University Bicycles
Sports Garage
Rocky Mounts
Full Cycle
Bitterbrush Cycles
Boulder Cycle Sport
The Fix
GEICO Local Office
Two Dog Diner in Prospect
Wonderland Hill Development Company
Botsy Phillips/Colorado Landmark Realtors
Copy Experts

Brian Sundberg/REMAX of Boulder
Athletic Excellence Training Solutions
Bicycle Village
Bikes Belong
Deuter USA
Boulder Beer
Boulder Business Products
Bob Maynard/Wright Kingdom Real Estate
Kustom Kar Audio
Catalyst Communications
Swift Cycling
Alta Physical Therapy
The Pro's Closet

You don't have to be in the cycling industry to be a business member, These businesses understand the direct benefit of being part of BMA. Hey, they ride too!

We are grateful to all our supporters in the business community and look forward to years of "getting things done on the trails". We have a lot going on these days, and a lot of it requires money to make it happen. Our volunteer trail work events with food and schwag, tool storage, website... it all adds up quickly. BMA has a business membership program to fund these needs. You will see BMA stickers on your favorite bike shops and other businesses. If you see it displayed, be sure to mention that you are a BMA member/supporter and you appreciate their generosity and stewardship. And if you don't see a BMA sticker in your favorite shop, ask them why! And those of you who own a business, send an email if you haven't heard from us about this program! You don't need to be a bike shop to be a business member, just interested in making better mountain biking in Boulder County.

BMA thanks those of you who have used the online membership functions to keep us afloat. And thanks to those of you who use snail mail too!

Be Part of the Solution! Join BMA NOW! Click HERE
Thanks to the people that have joined or renewed since our last newsletter:

Peter Lopinto(Family)
Eric Zacharias (Big Wheel)
Katherine Rau

Lyons Outdoor Games
May 30-June 1

This looks to be an event series worth attending and/or participating in. BMA has been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of this event, which includes competitive and fun kayak and bike events. Presented by our good friends at OSKAR BLUES, we'll be talking this event up as it approaches.

If you would be interested in volunteering for this event, please contact Glenn at

What's On the Horizon
Picture Rock Trail - May 17
National Trails Day - Picture Rock Trail - June 7
Lyons Outdoor Games May 30 - June 1
Little Raven Trail - July 26 & August 23

Tired of seeing trails closed to mountain bikes in Boulder County? Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Join the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and join the fight to open trails. Send a $25 check to BMA, PO Box 4954, Boulder, CO 80306, or join by using our online Paypal webpage by clicking HERE