Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boulder Racing Cyclocross Final

The Boulder Racing Cyclocross season wrapped up this weekend at Louisville Rec Center. PHOTO-CYCLE.COM caught the action for us one more time.
Uncharacteristic warm sunny weather followed the previous days snow flurry, which made for dry and dusty racing.
Local speedster Mike West is getting faster race by race... ankle injuries are slow to heal.
JHK looking smooth and fast on his new Gary Fisher cross bike. It's nice that they finally got to retire their Lemond frames this year.
Greg Lemond has managed to become a real sour puss about a certain winningest american bike racer, and it's obvious that Trek and Gary Fisher are distancing their brands from him.
Jonathan Baker finally got a W under his belt by narrowly dropping Matt Pachoca on the final hill. Jake Wells crossed the line for 3rd place after duking it out with these guys for the whole race.
Heather Irmiger showed the pro ladies her back wheel for the entire race with some impressive riding on a surprisingly technical course. Notice her hands on the top brake levers, descending like the world cup pro mtn biker she is. Several other ladies had similar dual brake lever set-ups, but none used them, except Heather. I think it was a big advantage that gained her precious seconds with every lap through the tricky off-camber downhill corners.
Travis, flying the Spot Brand/Dale's Pale Ale flag on the Front Range.
Charlie Hayes showed up with a big can of single speed whoop-ass and a 29'er for those who raced against him.
Rob "Money" Love rode it retro style on a sweet custom painted frame, to represent for his Longmont Blue Sky Velo clan.

IMBA/SORBA Tennesee Mountain Bike Summit

We supported the recent TN mtb summit held in Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Pikeville, November 7 - 9. Luckily for them it wasn't all business....trail access, maintenance, patrol & advocacy topics among others. Check out additional details of the 3 days HERE.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Climber's Meet, Indian Creek, Utah

Oskar Blues fan, Lyons local rockstar climber and all 'round killer lady Lizzy Scully has posted some pictures and information of her latest beer fueled climbing extravaganza...the International Climber's Meet, Indian Creek, Utah

Outdoor Diva's in Drag...Boarding for Breast Cancer Annual Benefit

Here's a little taste of the Diva's in Drag event the Outdoor Diva's threw for breast cancer. A good event for a good cause, thanks!

Friday, November 7, 2008

America's Best Beers


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boulder Cup Weekend #2

The Boulder Cup weekend finished up on another day of fantastic weather. Again, this season has been too easy weather wise....think we have another 2007 state championship style day coming in our karma cards????The venue for day #2 under Boulder's Flat Irons.
Dale's Pale Ale/Spot Brand tall man Travis Lukens corners past the pit area.
Old Man Michael Vigers pushin the Spot Singelspeed in the Junior event.
A highlight of the day was the cruiser race...The Dirty G is fueled by a TenFidy handoff.
Yep. Georgia lead from start to finish.
The sand section was a true pit of suffering for everyone except the kids who were oblivious to any racing. Amy Dombroski kept it pinned to keep her NACT leaders jersey for another week, good job Amy!
Georgia Gould grabbed the whole shot, and Rachel Lyod stuck to her wheel for several laps before Georgia distanced herself and took a second win for the weekend.
Pro men drag racing through the start finish zone.
Top 3 men. Tim Johnson, aka Captain America won it just ahead of Todd Wells and Ryan Trebon.
Travis Brown rocking the CDS belt drive singlespeed to a top 20 finish
On my way up...started in the back and kept it pinned all day, tough racing. Hey Chad, where's your lunch???

What a great weekend of racing, hard hard racing. Before heading home we stopped at Terrace Maya for a bad ass burrito & a Dale's Pale Ale.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boulder Cup Weekend #1

Cross Vegas creaters DBC events brought all the big hitters to Boulder, CO this weekend for the Boulder Cup. Saturday's action was at the sand heavy Boulder Reservoir. was there to capture the torture of cyclocross racing at this level. Let the Cross Eyed pain cave be populated...
Travis Lukens pushing up and out of the sand in the Cat3 race.
DPA rider on his special Grateful Spot Brand singlespeed.
Ex Pro, mtn biker advocate and trail builder, and Boulder local Peter Webber kicks up a roost with all his horsepower for a first place in the 35+ field.
The Senior 35+ class is fast & has a ton of miles in the legs.
LunaChix Georgia Gould leads out the pro ladies for 45 minutes of pain and suffering.
Georgia lead the race from start to finish with a flawless performance and some valuable UCI points.
Boulder local and ex pro mtn biker Kerry Barnholt was able to bring it on home for the 3rd spot on the podium.
A pack full of the fastest cross racers in North America sprint off the line to be first onto the grassy and sandy course.
Madness and mayhem mid pack on the first lap.
Jeremy Powers sacrificed himself at the start for his teammate, the current US National Cross Champ Tim Johnson.
The crowds ran tape to tape to watch the action in the Pro Mens race.
This sandy section gave everyone a hard time, even the men dressed like women or variants of!
Tod Wells hammers his gap over Ryan Trebon and Tim Johnson on the last lap.
Pro Mens podium, L-R Ryan Trebon, Tod Wells, and Tim Johnson.

Keep an eye here for Day 2 as well...Cheers!