Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boulder Racing Cyclocross Final

The Boulder Racing Cyclocross season wrapped up this weekend at Louisville Rec Center. PHOTO-CYCLE.COM caught the action for us one more time.
Uncharacteristic warm sunny weather followed the previous days snow flurry, which made for dry and dusty racing.
Local speedster Mike West is getting faster race by race... ankle injuries are slow to heal.
JHK looking smooth and fast on his new Gary Fisher cross bike. It's nice that they finally got to retire their Lemond frames this year.
Greg Lemond has managed to become a real sour puss about a certain winningest american bike racer, and it's obvious that Trek and Gary Fisher are distancing their brands from him.
Jonathan Baker finally got a W under his belt by narrowly dropping Matt Pachoca on the final hill. Jake Wells crossed the line for 3rd place after duking it out with these guys for the whole race.
Heather Irmiger showed the pro ladies her back wheel for the entire race with some impressive riding on a surprisingly technical course. Notice her hands on the top brake levers, descending like the world cup pro mtn biker she is. Several other ladies had similar dual brake lever set-ups, but none used them, except Heather. I think it was a big advantage that gained her precious seconds with every lap through the tricky off-camber downhill corners.
Travis, flying the Spot Brand/Dale's Pale Ale flag on the Front Range.
Charlie Hayes showed up with a big can of single speed whoop-ass and a 29'er for those who raced against him.
Rob "Money" Love rode it retro style on a sweet custom painted frame, to represent for his Longmont Blue Sky Velo clan.

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