Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boulder Cup Weekend #2

The Boulder Cup weekend finished up on another day of fantastic weather. Again, this season has been too easy weather wise....think we have another 2007 state championship style day coming in our karma cards????The venue for day #2 under Boulder's Flat Irons.
Dale's Pale Ale/Spot Brand tall man Travis Lukens corners past the pit area.
Old Man Michael Vigers pushin the Spot Singelspeed in the Junior event.
A highlight of the day was the cruiser race...The Dirty G is fueled by a TenFidy handoff.
Yep. Georgia lead from start to finish.
The sand section was a true pit of suffering for everyone except the kids who were oblivious to any racing. Amy Dombroski kept it pinned to keep her NACT leaders jersey for another week, good job Amy!
Georgia Gould grabbed the whole shot, and Rachel Lyod stuck to her wheel for several laps before Georgia distanced herself and took a second win for the weekend.
Pro men drag racing through the start finish zone.
Top 3 men. Tim Johnson, aka Captain America won it just ahead of Todd Wells and Ryan Trebon.
Travis Brown rocking the CDS belt drive singlespeed to a top 20 finish
On my way up...started in the back and kept it pinned all day, tough racing. Hey Chad, where's your lunch???

What a great weekend of racing, hard hard racing. Before heading home we stopped at Terrace Maya for a bad ass burrito & a Dale's Pale Ale.

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