Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rocky Mounts does the Final Descent


09/10/11 Winter Park Co, The Red Bull Final Descent, a 12-hour Downhill race combines both endurance and lap after lap of flying down a mountain, does life get any better than this?

I raced this as a Solo Expert and knew I'd be in for a beating since I was racing on my Epic XC bike instead of a plush downhill bike. I don't want to hold you in suspense, so I'll spill it: I took 1st place!!!

The course was down Boulevard - a black diamond run that I was to do 26 laps on. I had a rough start and flatted 3 times in the first 5 laps, apparently XC tires on an XC bike isn't burly enough for this course. I finally got into a groove and consistently putting in 22 minute laps. I was settling into the aches and pains that were developing and feeling good. At hour 9 this wonderful thing called "arm pump" was starting. If you're not familiar, it's a soreness that develops on the underside of the forearm from all the jarring descents. This got worse and worse every lap, the brake chatter bumps at the top were getting really painful.

On lap 22 my derailer hanger broke! I had a replacement hanger but the bolt was frozen on so tight that we stripped it trying to get it off. Out of desperation I went to my backup bike: My hardtail Stumpy with shitty brakes. Riding the chatter bumps was more painful than ever! The ride was so rough and my arms hurt so badly that I was in tears. This ended up being dangerous because sometimes I couldn't grab the brakes because everything was so jarring and I could barely hold on. I went straight back to the pit because I couldn't do another lap on that bike.

There was only 2 hours of racing left, I needed to put in a few more laps, but what to do??? I went back to my pink Epic, broke the chain, disconnected the rear derailer and duct taped the cable to the chainstay. I'm going chainless!!! I was back in business on the pink bike and put in enough laps to claim my 1st place position.

I finished my race and grabbed an Old Chub to celebrate the end of an epic day and shared the OB brews with old and new friends. Thanks to Oskar Blues for your support! . Race Stats: 52,000' of descending, 3 flat tires, 3 chainless laps, 2 red bulls, 2 bloodshot eyes, 1,600mg IBuprofen, 1 broken derailer hanger, 1 sprained thumb, and countless sore muscles.

-Kim Godfrey

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gates Carbon Drive System - Cyclocross Kickoff

The Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team come out of the gate strong at this weekend's cross races. Check out the action.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

follow REEB Cycles as a

Facehooker or Twat.

2011 BMA Sufferfest / Caribou Classic

Boulder Mountain Bike Allliance annual Sufferfest event upped the ante this year as it celebrated many achievements in 2011. The amazing send off point of Caribou Ranch was an amazing home base for an event that is likely to grow as word gets out. A large thank you to the Guercio family for sharing their little piece of heaven with our hands-on group of trail advocates. The two day event kicked off with a 37 or 50 mile ride followed by Oskar Blues food & brew and campout.
The group of over 125 rolled off from the line....the group included jeremy horgan kobelski and wife Heather Irmiger straight off their top races in the World Championships, congrats as they both rode to top 12 finishes.
The riding gets techical for the group with Chris leading on the 505 climb.
Dave rolling through a scree field.
A great view looming behind Scott Hicar.
The group rolls through the view.
Dave & Chris rolling through the slopes of 505.
Scott enjoys a brew at one of the Burrito & Brew stops along the way.
Dave stretchin' out a cramp....striking a pose.
The Caribou Classic plate allowed BMA to ensure everyone completed the day in one piece.
Scott emerges from the trees at the summit of the 505 climb.
The final views of the day before descending down to the Oskar Blues fueled party.
dropping off the top & towards a brew.
The Oskar Blues feedbag greeted riders at the base camp of Caribou.

Oskar Blues & REEB Morning Meetings at Hall Ranch

We've been gathering the Oskar Blues troops on Thursday mornings for a weekly REEB Stomp & company meeting at Hall Ranch. It's a great way to start a work day. Marily has breakfast burritos ready for the crew....
Jason getting into Jeremy's Chocolate Highway line...
Jeremy cleans his signiture line.
The first issue of "CRUSH Bikes & Beer" Magazine came out a month ago and featured a Dale's Pale Ale can on the cover & an article featuring Oskar Blues & Chad.
Crush/Crankenstein also created a jersey for their "CRUSH THE MOON" event as a benefit to "Ride 2 the Rescue" cause. Jeremy was sporting the new threads. A shout to Chris & John for combining our two favorite things. Cheers.
Geoff approaches the NOTCH, a tough move on a SS.
Dale getting through the Notch and cleaning it.
Jeremy with the finishing move in the Notch, nice work cleaning it on tacky dirt but slippery rocks.
A group shot before hitting the paydirt of the descent.
From there it was to Denver for a presentation to the American Marketing Association, thanks for the invite & laughs.
a good way to get a work day rolling, REEB NATION.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Steel Wheels

Americana from Indiana

Playing Oskar Blues September 16th, 2011

The Steel Wheels are creating tremendous excitement with their great blend of great songwriting and passionate vocals and tight instrumentals. They are truly an Americana band, rooted in musical styles that explore the territories between blues and bluegrass, old-time sing-alongs and foot-stompin' fiddle tunes. It’s been a great year for The Steel wheels. The bands spring 2010 album Red Wing ranked in the Americana Music Associations Top 100 Americana Albums of the Year received five nominations in the Independent Music Awards and was named one of the best albums of the year by Maverick magazine.
Unlike his Amish grandfather who had to form a string band on the sly, Trent Wagler is anything but shy about making music with The Steel Wheels. But like that harmonica-playing grandfather, the band respects and breaks tradition with every note. Drawing from rich American music traditions while charting new territory with subtle innovation and decidedly modern energy, the Steel Wheels are electrifying live audiences and lifting listeners to their feet from North Carolina to Texas and Calgary to New York City. The quartet also brought their unmistakable authenticity, inspired lyricism, alchemic musicianship and powerhouse harmonies all over the country. The Steel Wheels lineup includes lead vocalist Trent Wagler, who plays guitar and banjo and writes most of the bands material, along with Eric Brubaker, multi-instrumentalist Jay Lapp and bass player Brian Dickel.
Wagler’s voice which, has been compared to Darrell Scott and John Fogerty, is accentuated by smooth four-part harmonies. Brubaker’s fiddle, both lively and evocative, suits the band exactly, and Dickle’s upright bass grounds the outfit. Jay Lapp’s signature mandolin style is remarkable and unmistakable. The bands shines exceptionally in their live shows, and their palpable chemistry translates easily to their CD Red Wing, which garnered critic’s praise and was met with tremendous success on the radio. This summer’s release of Live at Goose Creek is a perfect vehicle for showing what the bands sounds like live and showcasing old tunes like The Cuckoo and Spike Driver, two of my absolute favorite tunes from this fabulous CD. The Steel wheels have quickly built a following across the U.S. and Canada that appreciates the honest and deceptively simple sound. They have appeared at most of the prestigious Americana Festivals, in addition they have headlined at venues such as NPR’s Mountain Stage, Eddie’s Attic, The Ark, Bluebird CafĂ© and Calgary Folk Cub and will make their debut at Oskar Blues in Lyons on Friday, September 16th starting at 8PM. In keeping with their music that takes a traditional idea on a modern adventure, The Steel Wheels organize an annual “Spokesongs” bicycle music tour. Averaging 10 shows and covering 500 miles in ten days they’ve pedaled themselves through the mountains of Virginia and the hills of Michigan, hauling their own gear all the way. It’s one more example that the inherent skill and energy, trust in the value of simplicity and the marked talent for taking something old fashioned and making it relevant for today is one of The Steel Wheels’ greatest strength.
“The Steel Wheels are definitely going places …on the line between old-timey folk and something raw, new and bluegrassy. Catch Trent and company on their way to fame and glory.” Cover Lay Down
“I am absolutely nuts for The Steel Wheels. Amazing talent. I hear a lot of stuff and I was just stunned by this band.”- Julie Sullivan, Pickin in the Pines Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival, Flagstaff AZ.

David Lyons Bluesologist McIntyre

BMA SufferFest: September 10-11, 2011

Clean your bike and pack your gear, SufferFest is almost here! This year we're teaming up with the Caribou Classic to make this event better than ever.

Ok, it is time to let the cat-out-of-the-bag and let you know what we have been up to! Over the last several weeks, we have been working with the Guercio Family at the Caribou Ranch to design the best and most Suffer'est course in Boulder County. They have generously offered to let BMA members ride and camp on their property. This is no small gift as we all know and we all need to extend a warm thank you to them! Let me repeat: This is for BMA members only, VIP treatment, and a free backstage pass!!

The new course will start and finish on the Caribou Ranch and work it's way through to our beloved West Mag trails, Sign up now because we are limited to 100 RIDERS!

Check out the course HERE.

The Basics:

Start time is 8 o’clock and we expect everyone there around 7am to sign in and get your t-shirts. Only the early birds get a shirt, so sign up now!

SufferFest is for BMA members only, but everyone is welcome to join BMA and enjoy the ride and camping Saturday night. Food and beverages will be provided BY OSKAR BLUES BREWERY for all riders and volunteers.

There are two courses; choose wisely.

Contact Mic De Min at sufferfest@bouldermountainbike.org

Please invite your fellow cyclists to volunteer and support you along the route.


September 10th, 2011 8:00 AM through September 11th, 2011 12:00 PM