Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to Back: Stone Temple 8 & Fraser Fall Duathalon

We loaded up the coolers with fresh Dale's Pale Ale & headed north to the land of the old wild west to the Stone Temple 8 Race in search of single track fantasies. Rich put on great 8 hour race with a ton of quality single track at Curt Gowdy State Park.
Pre-race Dave Chase shows off a quality piece of trail booty he found late this summer. Nice look.
After taking a look at the course I opted to change to the 39 x 20 gearing on the Gates Carbon Drive system.
Dave gets ready for the lemans style start. I got the hole shot outta the blocks to crank that gear out.
Jeremy comes in for his 2nd of 5 laps.
Dave gathers strength in the RV with a "The Old Chub Way" burrito & drink between laps.
Glimpse of the old Dave....Redstone himself busted out 7 solid laps on the 9 mile course.
Dave finishes his final lap.
Despite multiple flats throughout the day Jeremy rode a strong final lap (10 Total, 5 each) to reel in 3rd place & the 1st single speed team (Duo).
Aaahhh yes, it's that time.
When in Rome, you can't visit Wyoming & not get a ride in. Marily headed out horseback for an hour ride of her own.

Jeremy & Dave stayed put behind beer & good times as Marily & I loaded up the Outdoor Diva truck with OB Beer & Bike gear with sights on the Fraser Valley Fall Duathlon. The course was a 2.6 mile run, 11 mile mountain bike and finished with a 2.6 mile run before sharing beers of course.
A shot of the calm before the storm. The 11 miles on the bike was a pivotal portion of the race, that works for me.
Marily in the final transition coming in for a top 5.
The last strides of the race weekend before heading back over trailridge road for home.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GATES CARBON DRIVE - New CenterTrack Belt-Drive Technology: Lightest, Strongest, Cleanest Ever

Just in time for Interbike and Outdoor Demo, Gates Carbon Drive Systems is introducing its newest patent-pending belt-drive technology: CenterTrack, which promises to provide the lightest, strongest, cleanest and highest-performing belt-drive system ever created. CenterTrack™ features an innovative new design that offers all the advantages of existing Carbon Drives but with a whopping 20 percent more tensile strength, a slimmer profile and the most advanced dirt- and debris-shedding ever. CenterTrack is a quantum leap forward for belt-drive technologies and offers all the clean, quiet and strong advantages of existing belt drives from Gates but with an even higher level of performance. “We believe it will become one of the bike industry’s must-have killer apps,” says Todd Sellden, Director of Gates Carbon Drive Systems. CenterTrack features an ingenious advancement of the increasingly popular belt and pulley system that debuted at Interbike in 2007.

Instead of a raised flange on the side, the front and rear pulleys of CenterTrack feature a narrow track that runs around the center of their circumference. The CenterTrack belt has a channel on its underside that fits snuggly onto the track for perfect alignment every time. The CenterTrack belt’s teeth engage with the pulleys, whose sides have been removed for optimal debris shedding. Dirt and grime simply fall away, making CenterTrack technology ideal for muddy or snowy conditions.
Gates will offer the CenterTrack technology on its new CDX-CT drive train, which will be the new premium component offering from Carbon Drive Systems. CDX-CT joins the CDX and CDC product lines. CenterTrack was conceived by Wayne Lumpkin, one of the most innovative thinkers in the bike industry and the creative spark behind Avid brakes for many years. Gates and Lumpkin worked together to develop and test the CenterTrack technology and bring it to market.

The new CDX-CT drive is the most robust bicycle belt-drive ever and offers advantages for both consumers and manufacturers. The pulleys are the slimmest ever produced, and this slender profile makes it easier than ever to integrate with internally geared hubs. The cost of CDX-CT will be announced at Bike Week (Dec 5-8, 2010). Gates will take sample orders from bike makers at Interbike and will take production orders in December. CDX-CT will debut for 2011 on Spot Brand’s Acme Bike (displayed in the lobby of the Sands Convention Center at Interbike). The system will appear in widespread use on 2012 models, available retail in late 2011.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall River Road -> Trail Ridge Road under Amazing Conditions

It's not often you find this group on skinny tires...hell this evening most of us rode cross bikes so i guess it was quasi skinny tires. But the large moon, newly paved roads, calm conditions & a high country view that goes on for miles was enough to put the MTB's down for one Tuesday Night ride. What an amazing evening and ride...
A calm evening that was as we arrived at RMNP at the Start of Fall River Road.
The group heads out just as darkness sets in...no worries, lights weren't needed as the moon showered us with bright rays all evening.
The group climbs as the road turns to gravel.
A few hit one of the steep gravel switchbacks with the moon looming overhead.
No need for lights, i didn't even turn mine on once all evening...amazing
Redstone Dave broke out the Bridgestone to ensure there were enough bikes to go around.
Jeremy enjoys the calm & bright evening at 12,183 feet on Trail Ridge Road.
Jesper catches a view off Trail Ridge.

Once we eclipsed the highest point the road pointed down & we headed out under lights. The road was recently repaved & felt smooth as a perfect powder day descent all the way back to the car & a smattering of Oskar Blues Brews to share over smiles that shone nearly as bright as the moon. WOW, a must do ride that couldn't have had better conditions.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's the Greatest Nation in the World? DONATION!

So a friend of mine who I play hockey with on Thursdays unfortunately lost his entire home in the Four Mile Fire. Jeff Lynch was in shock and had to take his family to the Residence Inn in Boulder until other arrangements could be made. Jeff's passion is without question Hockey and coming in a close second is beer, handcrafted quality beer. During the fire, Jeff lost both his hockey gear and his beer fridge. We knew we had to act and act fast.

An email went out to the entire team asking for cash donations, equipment donations or anything that could get Jeff back on the ice within a week. Its impossible to put in words what happened next. Hockey gear, money and a motherlode of beer soon came falling from the sky. The team filled two hockey bags full of gear and more money than anyone person would need to fully outfit yourself with hockey equipment.

Another email went to Pro Skate (www.pro-skate.com) asking if they would like to help out. Within 2 minutes, a response came back saying "bring him in, we'll take care of him". Jeff was outfitted with brand new skates, stick, shin pads, gloves and some misc. stuff. All free donations.

A text went to Jeremy "J-Rock" Rudolf, the main man at the the brewery asking if he would be interested in donating a case of beer to a friend who lost everything. Again, within seconds, Jeremy replied and I wish I could repeat what the text read but it was something like "F*ck Yeah F*ckie". I guess thats pretty much repeating what he said. After a trip to the brewery, I was on my way to deliver three cases of the good stuff. A mixture of Mama's, Chub, and Dale' were in the Subaru delivery wagon to the Residence Inn. 3 cases of beer pretty much took up the whole kitchen in the suite they had but Jeff insisted, this was a problem he could solve.

I want to pass on a huge thanks from Jeff to everyone at OB, I know it doesn't seem like much but the gesture alone is proof of the spirit that exists at OB. Good things do happen when times are bad. Thanks OB and Jeremy for stepping up and thats why we love ya.

Also a big thanks to Tony at Pro-Skate (who by the way plays on a Dale's Pale Ale sponsored hockey team at Boulder Valley Ice) for showing your true colors as well.

Mission accomplished, Jeff was back on the ice in a week. Although extremely hung over.

The smile says it all

Monday, September 13, 2010

Grass Bike Hockey-Polo Tourney in Fort Collins October 23rd-

Howdy, Fort Collins has finally come up with a date that looks good to lots of folks, Hopefully You too!!!!!
We are hosting a Bike Polo-Hockey Bru-ha-ha to be held on the 23rd of October 2010. The exact location will be announced soon but be ready that morning with a team of 4 players. The rules will be the same as the legendary Lyons tourney of 09. (footsie does a circle, no bike on bike, no stick on bike, no foot on bike, no T-bone or otherwise jack-ass behavior. These get-togethers have always been awesome fucking fun. R.S.V.P as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Shoot an E-mail to -- playstands@hotmail.com -- So far there are many teams attending
Durango Malletheads
Carbondale Stompa's (maybe 2 teams ?????)
Fort Collins Belfry boys
Fort Collins Wa-bashers
at least 2 other Fort collins teams who's names we do not know yet.

We would love to see some of the teams that have attended past tourneys. Steel horse??? Business in the front????? If you know anyone who may be interested please foreword this e-mail.

* This tourney will be free of charge.

*We will use a #1 aka Mini soccer ball.

* Some type of uniform-costume is a must (it helps the players and spectators)-same color shirt is just fine.

*Wear a helmet if you wish. Wear a Tu-tu if you wish. Wear a pistol if you wish.

* At stake is the Colorado Cup (currently held by "The Belfry Boys" of Fort Collins Bike Hockey)
Come take it from us!! --We are tired of granting interviews and entertaining groupies. The pressures of being state champions have caused us all to become unsightly with gain weight and contract exotic venereal diseases. The wine, women, and song has to stop sometime.

* Round Robin in the morning (11:00 AMish) soon followed by tournament play.

*More info as it comes in.

Crunch...Single Speed Torque

Labor Day Escape

With an extra day to visit the high country before fall & winter we loaded up with Redstone Cyclery & some OB Brews & headed up. The Starting view was a great springboard for adventure to come.
Jeremy pushin' the single speed up a small portion of the steep climbing.
One of the first views.
Dave hunkers down from the harsh wind to enjoy a vew.
Jeremy found a shelter from the wind while we enjoyed the view.
The descent was super steep and technical...super STEEP, SUPER TECHNICAL.
There were a few GEMS found along the way.

The Double Dip: Once we returned from the views & riding we reloaded the Old Chub jeep & hit the trail 4 wheel style for more fantastic views & fun.
The Old Chub jeep hittin it.

The Old Chub jeep descending.
Marily enjoys a view & a DPA
another great view on the day...we saw some smoke in the distance. Certainly a the beginning of a terrible bunch of fires in Boulder County.
One more view...a day full of 'em

We Was Rollin'.

A great day ended with terrible news of the Four Mile Canyon fire captured here by www.eddieclarkmedia.com. Best wishes to as many folks affected by the fire, you are in our thoughts.

Friday, September 10, 2010




Dear Friends and Neighbors-
This month's tribute to John Prine comes on the heels of the devastating The Boulder County Four Mile Fire. Awnry Girl Productions along with Oskar Blues will be hosting a benefit to raise money for the local Red Cross efforts. It is my life's work to be able to use not only my music but my music production company (Awnry Girl Productions) to bring awareness to causes local and world wide. After raising nearly $1,200 for The Haitian Earthquake for the BRESMA Orphanage in Port au Prince- I realized that it's the least I could do and having a stage, a guitar and a great wealth of musician friends and neighbors in the community, we are a group of people who truly want to help- This is jut one way we can make a difference.

Here's how you can help:
1) If you are a musician- I still have some slots to play a John Prine song at the Tribute. Please see list at end of email of songs already taken and choose one that's not taken. Please copy this info to your Facebooks, Twitters, Websites etc...

2) If you are a community member/friend and have a service or item to donate to a raffle please bring it to Oskar Blues ( or call me and I will come and get it) . We will also be selling raffle tickets for gift certificates and what ever I can manage to round up in the next week.

3)If you can help me collect items for the raffle please reach out to your friends who can donate something. Call me 970 531 6259

4) Come to the Tribute/Benefit and give what you can- $20 suggested but anything will help.

5) Donate: Toiletries, Diapers, School Supplies, Clothes to Kahlie Sue @ 326 Evans Lyons, Colorado for the Gold Hill and Ward Vol Fire Depts

6) Donate to the Red Cross Directly http://cbs4denver.com/reference/red.cross.statement.2.1900786.html

Song List:
John McKay:
Illegal Smile
Storm Windows

Dave Mc Intyre
Sam Stone
The Great Compromise

Friends in Prine:
Please Don't Bury Me
Milwaukee, Here I Come
In Spite of Ourselves
Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Jami Lunde
Angel From Montgomery

Joe Kuckla
Lake Marie
Mexican Home

Dan Siddall
Spanish Pipedream
Sins of Memphisto

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


BMA is putting on the 3rd annual Sufferfest in Nederland on Sept 18th.
The event is free for BMA members and it is a fully supported epic mtn bike ride that totals 45 miles and 5600 ft of climbing.

You need to sign up here… http://bma-mtb.org/events/Sufferfest2010.php it is organized as an appreciation for BMA members and you will receive a free t-shirt and free beer our partner Oskar Blues Brewery.

Spread the word!