Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall River Road -> Trail Ridge Road under Amazing Conditions

It's not often you find this group on skinny tires...hell this evening most of us rode cross bikes so i guess it was quasi skinny tires. But the large moon, newly paved roads, calm conditions & a high country view that goes on for miles was enough to put the MTB's down for one Tuesday Night ride. What an amazing evening and ride...
A calm evening that was as we arrived at RMNP at the Start of Fall River Road.
The group heads out just as darkness sets worries, lights weren't needed as the moon showered us with bright rays all evening.
The group climbs as the road turns to gravel.
A few hit one of the steep gravel switchbacks with the moon looming overhead.
No need for lights, i didn't even turn mine on once all evening...amazing
Redstone Dave broke out the Bridgestone to ensure there were enough bikes to go around.
Jeremy enjoys the calm & bright evening at 12,183 feet on Trail Ridge Road.
Jesper catches a view off Trail Ridge.

Once we eclipsed the highest point the road pointed down & we headed out under lights. The road was recently repaved & felt smooth as a perfect powder day descent all the way back to the car & a smattering of Oskar Blues Brews to share over smiles that shone nearly as bright as the moon. WOW, a must do ride that couldn't have had better conditions.