Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Escape

With an extra day to visit the high country before fall & winter we loaded up with Redstone Cyclery & some OB Brews & headed up. The Starting view was a great springboard for adventure to come.
Jeremy pushin' the single speed up a small portion of the steep climbing.
One of the first views.
Dave hunkers down from the harsh wind to enjoy a vew.
Jeremy found a shelter from the wind while we enjoyed the view.
The descent was super steep and technical...super STEEP, SUPER TECHNICAL.
There were a few GEMS found along the way.

The Double Dip: Once we returned from the views & riding we reloaded the Old Chub jeep & hit the trail 4 wheel style for more fantastic views & fun.
The Old Chub jeep hittin it.

The Old Chub jeep descending.
Marily enjoys a view & a DPA
another great view on the day...we saw some smoke in the distance. Certainly a the beginning of a terrible bunch of fires in Boulder County.
One more view...a day full of 'em

We Was Rollin'.

A great day ended with terrible news of the Four Mile Canyon fire captured here by Best wishes to as many folks affected by the fire, you are in our thoughts.

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