Friday, July 30, 2010

final images of 2010 Tour of BoulDurango.

Many shots of the final day of the tour, not Eddie Clark quality but good times none-the-less.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BoulDurango Day 6: Million Dollar Highway via

Jeremy Rudolf & C Dillis roll on Red Mountain Pass
Dave Chichura on Red Mountain Pass, day 6 dave!
Arlo hits the money shot
Dave Thibodeau gets Red Mountain Money
Orli, so pro.
The Group on Red Mountain Pass
One more group shot
Adam Avery & Arlo rollin D-Town Style
The group hits Durango
Arlo gets SKA lovin upon arrival.
Dave & Caitlyn enjoy a Wheelsucker Wheat at SKA.

Adam & Dave T end the trip with a Wheelsucker Wheat for Charity.

Thanks for the ride & the support....Thanks DUSTIN, JONELLE & EDDIE for bringing sick support. Cheers!

BoulDurango Day 5: Crested Butte to Ouray

The daily group shot leaving Crested Butte
Jeremy & Adam heading out of town.
The Brick Oven boys lead the group out of CB with 128 miles to go. Thanks for the pull.
Dave Chichura & Arlo Grammatica share a brew at the Colorado Boy Pub & restaurant...still 7 more miles to go.
Arlo, got sun?
Orli, post flat rolls in.
Adam Avery leads into Ouray.

Sheddin' clothes & grabbing beer after a long hard day in the saddle.

Cold beer & cold water was the perfect answer. Cheers!

Monday, July 26, 2010

BoulDurango Day 4 via

Day 4 of BoulDurango was Buena Vista to Crested Butte, we made it to The Brick Oven for a big fat salad, some good pie and of course....BEER. Check it out via the lens of

The group gets the daily camera treatment.
The Brick Oven leads the pack out...or drops them off the back.
Harry Legs, Baggies & Wheelies...Quasi Road Style.
Orli rides in the top of Cottonwood Pass after 18 miles of climbing.
The Ska boys grab a bite to eat atop Cottonwood.
Oskar Blues Brews & Bikes
Cottonwoond before the dirt road descent which was moist & choice. Stay tuned for the lef from Crested Butte to Ouray...then the encore to Durango.

Cheers to Bikes & Beer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

VIDEO: Ted Summits Hoosier Pass on Day 2 of BoulDurango

BoulDurango Day 4, Buena Vista to Crested Butte

Day 3 ended in Buena Vista but we made our way to Salida for food & beer at Amica's. Post Amica's we stopped at bar Salida & walked into a dance party. Shots & beer turned into dance party. Today was Cottonwood pass on the way to Crested Butte. The Brick Oven boys came over to pull us home to CB for Beers.