Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Schuman's

Here is to a Merry Christmas to all at Oskars. Thanks for everything and maybe me and little Graham will have a show there someday. We are practicing.

Cheers and here is to more growth!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2008 Mountain States Cup Calendar

Big Mike & the folks at the Mountain States Cup have passed along all the info they have for the 2008 schedule. Here's what it looks like as of now:

April 12-13(tentative date) - MSC #1, Rabbit Valley Rampage, Fruita, CO

May 23-26 - MSC #2, The Chalk Creek Stampede, Nathrop, CO

May 23-26 - #3, The Chile Challenge(G3 format-gravity stage race) Angel Fire, NM

June 6-8 - MSC #4, The Sol Survivor (Singlespeed State Championships) SolVista Basin Ski Resort

June 20-22 - MSC #5, Wildflower Rush(G3 format-gravity stage race)Crested Butte, CO
* same weekend as CB Fat Tire Festival (Bring yer townie!)

July 11-13 - MSC #6, Blast the Mass, Snowmass Village, CO * Endurance Series Finals

August 1-3 (tentative date) - MSC #7, Full Tilt in Telluride, Telluride, CO

August 15-17 (tentative date) MSC #8, Keystone Climax

August 23-24 – MSC #9, The Eldora Escape, Nederland, CO

August 29-31 - MSC #10, Sol Squared , SolVista, CO

September 6-7 - MSC #11, The Fall Classic, Breckenridge, CO

VeloNews has also posted that Colorado is playing a big role in the American UCI Races. 3 of our races, the Chile Challenge, the Blast the Mass and the Keystone Classic are part of the UCI Calendar.

OB will see you there with a beer in one hand and a smile on our faces!

Euro Cross Camp V

Get an insiders view of Belgium Euro Cross Camp V with Wisco homeboy Tristan Schouten's Blog. Good luck man!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I love the creativity that European cyclocross creates. While geeking out I found this little gem that decorates Bart Wellens' Ridley.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season...

Christmas Time Is The Season For Giving
Here is an opportunity to exercise that Christmas Spirit. I don't know about you but I get pretty tired of all the Christmas hype and commercialism. It seems to get worse every year and the idea of Christmas and giving to those in need seems to be swept under a sea of used wrapping paper, bows, and useless trinkets. This year I have found a way to help get in the spirit of giving at Christmas time to those in need and want to share it with all of you. I'm sure many of you know Wayne Bowers from Oskar Blues. He is the curly headed (or sometimes bald) energizer bunny that used to be general manager of Oskar Blues and now works in the accounting department. He has been a part of the Oskar Blues family for a long time. Wayne's sister had a baby two years ago and the child has many medical problems. After being told she delivered a little boy, she named him Isaiah and he was transferred in critical condition, was put on a vent and his kidneys were failing. The baby had a mass on its kidneys and would have to have surgery and they were not sure if he would survive. They found the mass was actually a fully functional female system. After a week waiting for results of a chromosome test, it was determined the child was a girl. Faith has had 13 surgeries, has one functioning kidney and it functions 30%. Her bladder doesn't function at all and she has reflux (her urine comes down to the bladder and then refluxes back up to the kidney), which causes infection and many more serious problems Faith also has a feeding tube and struggles with vomiting. In order for Faith to be eligible for a kidney transplant she has to be at least 22 pounds with a fully functioning urinary system. She will need a minimum of 3 surgeries to get her kidney. Dialysis may not be an option. We are having a benefit for her at Oskar Blues on Wednesday the 19th from 7-9pm to try and raise some money for her. Romano Paoletti and Jefferson Hamer are going to play some music all the employees are donating their pay for this day and we ask you to stop by and help us with our giving Christmas tree and our attempt to help someone really in need this holiday season. Jul Swann from OHM saloon in Town at 440 Main ST. is giving all the money from every haircut that day to this great cause. There is also an account set up at the Bank of the West in town where you can donate directly. We will also host a silent auction that night featuring some really big gifts to bid on. Won't you help this little girl and her family with a little something extra? It is what Christmas time is really all about and who knows it might help us all to regain the true meaning of giving and the Christmas spirit.
David Lyons Bluesologist McIntyre
voice: 303-823-6685

CX Riders Across the US Gives Dale's a Thumbs Up!

This past weekend was the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City, KS.
With riders and spectators from all over the country, Dale's Pale Ale was a hit.
Getting rid of all the beer I brought was not an issue.

And for the designated drivers...well it was the beer bling that excited them.

I was fortunate to receive host housing from the coolest beer loving cyclists I have ever met. They even had a kegerator in the garage. Can we get them a keg of Dale's??

Saturday night was a party at the local bike shop in Lawrence, where SRAM showed off their new road groupo, RED. Wow, how much lighter can they go?

As for the racing, well it was INSANE!!! Cold, muddy, icy, and snowy. Everything cross is all about. All weekend I was saying, "Bring It!!!" Shannon was loving the mud, as she went on to win the master womens race on Friday. Come Sunday the course was completely different for the elite races, with lots of icy ruts. And unfortunately, my registration was screwed up and I had to start dead last which was like 90th something. I guess it seemed the odds were against me, but I made the best of it. With lots of determination, I showed those icy ruts who the boss was. I managed to work my way up all the way to 14th with one lap to go, then there was the sound we all hate...Psssssss. What a bummer, I flatted. But hey, it was the best race of my life. And thats just racing. I have no complaints. I can't wait to go back next year! This was a great venue, and they loved our beer!
Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 17, 2007

Can't get enough...CULT CROSS 2008

If you haven't gotten your cyclocross fix for the season it appears CULTCROSS could be your cure. They're offering 3 spring(March & April) ACA cyclocross races to burn whatever matches you have left.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat

Tonight at OB check out the music of Bluegrass Scramble featuring Spring Creek bluegrass band & guests Eric Thorin & K. C. Groves. In other K.C. news Uncle Earl's latest video for "Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat" has dropped like a led zeppelin, maybe not quite that hard but John Paul Jones does make an appearance. Check out the kung-fu fighting fantasy, you'll be amazed with their triple-axle-wagonwheel technique.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2007 Colorado State Cyclocross Championship Pictures

As usual OB man behind the lens Photo Eddie was toughing it out in the snow this past weekend. He just passed a few pics my way. Here are a few he passed along but also keep an eye on his Flickr portfolio as he works his way through all his shots.

Monday, December 10, 2007

stink face

THAAHHHGHHH, O god what's that smell. I followed a link from comments below & was rewarded by this fantastic frozen moment in time...THE STINK FACE. Cheers Rob, a fun season. I hope nobody minds, I posted this from maudollini's flickr set.

2007 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships - Lyons, CO

WOW, what a day of bike racing. The weather couldn't have been better, finally a weekend of Colorado cross racing in adverse conditions. Boulder Racing came out to Lyons & laid a hell of a course that was helped by the 4-6 inches of snow that had accumulated over the previous 2 days. I've got to give it up to the cyclocross fans that made the event off the hook. The Bohn Park playground was turned into the Playground from hell, complete with cow bells, a self contained fire pit, many grills, tents, good brew & lots of crazy & cold cyclocross fans.
The Playground was L O U D!
Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance was out recruiting & adding to the madness.
Dave from Redstone Cyclery served up crispy brats.It wouldn't be a Boulder race without the boys from Blue Sky with a Dales Pale Ale.The mustache was healthy but homeboy was a bit under the weather.Dale battles under the view of Steamboat Mountain.Scotty says rubbin' is racin'Kickin it through the playground, thanks for cheering!On my wayWe got our hands on one of these in the Single Speed category.Danny Summerhill leads Matt Pacocha, Jeremy Horgan-Kobalski & Brandon Dwight through the run up. The Mens pro race was the race of the day. All 4 of them traded blows for 60 full minutes. Jeremy bobbled in one of the final corners opening the door for Danny to collect the State Champions jersey. Congrats to Kerry Barnholdt on her State Championship victory in the womens race.

The 2007 racing season has officially come to an end. Oskar Blues has B I G plans for the 2008 season. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, stay tuned for the exciting news. It won't be too long since we only have 10 weeks until the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo. I guess I'll only have a few weeks for some of this.Will this be the real Superbowl???

Thanks to everyone who came out to make these championships & the entire 2007 season a damn good time!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lyons , CO 12-8-07

I rolled out the door bundled up but excited to know tomorrows race would be held on our stomping grounds. I linked together a few fun sections of town that have become the standard CX training ride for us here. My ride brought me to Bohn Park & I saw a few tire tracks as I rode a few of my favorite sections. Around dinner time a few of us took the dogs out & walked the area as we had planned, but still no sign of the race. Come out & celebrate old man winter as we finish the local 2007 race season. I'm thinking a few trips to OB for warm ups might be in order. Check out the OB tent as we plan to be set up with a few Lyons folks. We'll be near Redstone Cyclery who plans to have a grill going to keep the brats & hands warm.

Friday, December 7, 2007

calm before the storm

We headed south to check out Spot Brand's new digs & catch a ride. During the move into the new building we saw some areas pretty empty & quiet, full of anticipation of things to come.Racks in the Golden, CO Spot Brand location waiting for their welding to get fully up & running. Yep, they weld some of them right here in the good ole' U S of A.
Testing continues, the belts are tested against dirt from several continents.
We found these in the closet.
Time to hit the front range dirt
Endurance mad man Kelly Magelky
Big Daddy pounds over & through rocks in his new pink leg warmers. Yep, pink.?.?
Dale sporting his new "frame pump" We're talking high volume folks.

umm, is this your first flat? More pro licenses than tubes or pumps, hmmm. Amateur hour was followed by happy hour.
need further explanation?

I found links to a bit more information on the Belt Carbon Drive System. & Interbike review.

Speaking of storms, it looks like the CX State Championships should be perfect weather.Bohn Park Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Ride, Spring Creek Bluegrass & Holiday Gifts

We battled the wind & won, check out the Redstone Underground for all the details.

Thursday night at OB is a Lyons favorite, the Spring Creek Bluegrass Band. Tuesday night OB open bluegrass pick regulars the band won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival band contest back in June, and won their second Planet Bluegrass title on July 29th at the 35th annual Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival. Come see what the hoopla's all about, you won't be dissappointed.

Don't forget we have our OB store stocked as the Holiday seasons approaches. Check us out onsite or online.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ACA Colorado Cyclocross State Championships - Lyons

After a bit of lobbying here in Lyons we were able to convince the Boulder Racing crew to throw their end of the season shindig in our backyard! To celebrate the OB restaurant offers a free beer with your entry fee(pin-on-number) & the downstairs bar will have live music 6 till 9. We'll also be throwing some podium beer on top of Boulder Racing's usual purse from their cast of sponsorsIf you are interested in Volunteering follow Boulder Racing here. If you're a Lyons resident Redstone will have a group as well. See you at the races!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Goin' Down South, New C29ssmax Wheelset

I wanted to post the information for Redstone Cyclery's Tuesday Night Ride a bit early since we will be headin' Down South to ride the HighPlains/MarshallMesa/DoudyDraw/CowdreyDraw area south of Boulder.

Dave has also posted about Mavic's new C29ssmax wheelset if you believe in the Power of the 2 9 check THESE out.

More Cyclocross, Colorado State Championships & a Slow SS Sunday

We raced the Boulder Res for the 3rd time of the season on a cold & windy Saturday. We set up the beer tent with a few Spot Brand tents to spread the gospel of beer & bikes. They had a few bikes along including the "brother" of our "Black & Tan" Single speed belt, the "Tan & Black" 1 x 9 chaindrive. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but come to the Cyclocross State Championship to see them yourself. Speaking of the CCXSC, the good word of the street says it's gonna be run in Lyons, CO! I rode the area today & we can lay a killer course including & a tough run/climb & tricky good bike handling sections. Of course I'm not in charge of laying out the course but I'm excited to see what Brian can do with it. Here are some shots of the Races this past weekend.Dale rollin' the Belt DriveBlue Sky Velo under the view of Haystack Mountain.

Saturday night was big in Lyons so we hustled home to see the "Parade of Lights", Fireworks & then the Live Music @ OB who was celebrating the 5 year anniversary. Sunday morning thethought of the long drive & racing at Bear Lake had faded, but the Packers weren't playing so DC & I grabbed the single speeds & headed out to Hall Ranch. I love winter evenings at hall. Sharing the calm area with the deer & ripping snow covered single track. We started out at the casa de Chase & a shared Gordon.
...Dave leads the climb through the tranquil antelope trail

We enjoyed the view with a shared brew before heading back down

& we're out

If you can't get enough of us you can check out what these mag's have to say.

See you next weekend on our hometurf as Lyons gets the first taste of Cyclocross. Speaking of taste, come to Oskar Blues after the race & get a FREE beer with your pinned number.