Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CX Riders Across the US Gives Dale's a Thumbs Up!

This past weekend was the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City, KS.
With riders and spectators from all over the country, Dale's Pale Ale was a hit.
Getting rid of all the beer I brought was not an issue.

And for the designated drivers...well it was the beer bling that excited them.

I was fortunate to receive host housing from the coolest beer loving cyclists I have ever met. They even had a kegerator in the garage. Can we get them a keg of Dale's??

Saturday night was a party at the local bike shop in Lawrence, where SRAM showed off their new road groupo, RED. Wow, how much lighter can they go?

As for the racing, well it was INSANE!!! Cold, muddy, icy, and snowy. Everything cross is all about. All weekend I was saying, "Bring It!!!" Shannon was loving the mud, as she went on to win the master womens race on Friday. Come Sunday the course was completely different for the elite races, with lots of icy ruts. And unfortunately, my registration was screwed up and I had to start dead last which was like 90th something. I guess it seemed the odds were against me, but I made the best of it. With lots of determination, I showed those icy ruts who the boss was. I managed to work my way up all the way to 14th with one lap to go, then there was the sound we all hate...Psssssss. What a bummer, I flatted. But hey, it was the best race of my life. And thats just racing. I have no complaints. I can't wait to go back next year! This was a great venue, and they loved our beer!
Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

re: oskar blues - well no kidding people liked it--it's awesome! now if we could only buy it here!

Kansas City

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mo. Lawrence is a fun town, they would go ape poopy for more Dale's!

Mark Edmonds said...

I'm heading to KC for Xmas, and of course I'm taking a 12er of Dale's... I might have to take more since my in-laws are big fans of our local treasure.

Chad - can you post info on the benefit tomorrow night at OB's?

Melis said...

Thanks mo! Sounds like you had good legs. Cyclocross, tough to get all the variables to work together. Sorry about slacking on the benefit post, I was flying for work yesterday. Happy Holidays All!