Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beer & Shopping??? Yes Please

have a beer and buy some gear....for your gal

TIME: 5-8p.m.

DATE: December 14th Cherry Creek North location, December 15th Boulder location

While your man is shopping for you at our store you can go across the street to DIVISION WEST; a men's urban clothing store and shop for him. The guys will have wine and cheese for you and will help you pick out the perfect gift for your guy!**

Ladies: Send down the men in your life to shop for you. We will have Oskar Blues beer on hand, pizza and expert advise to give him. Drop a few hints and send him this link or send us his email so we can invite him for you. Send it to events@outdoordivas.com

Gentlemen: This is your opportunity to buy gear for the DIVAS in your life. We will have Oskar Blues beers on hand and pizza for you to help make it more of a guys night of shopping. Heck just enjoy yourself and we'll do the shopping for you!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boulder Racing bring CYCLOCROSS to LYONS December 18th, 2010

Boulder Racing is bringing stop #5 and SERIES FINALS to Lyons Highschool on December 18th. After your race grab your cowbell & grab a beer at the OB Beer tent (Fund raiser for Colorado Brewers Guild) on a full day of racing. Post race will be the series awards presentation and after party at the OSKAR BLUES PARTY BARN! More details HERE at http://www.boulderracing.com/

Do you remmember THIS COLD ONE? or THIS ONE in 2009?

Beaver Creek Opening & beat BLACK FRIDAY

Hello from the 2010/2011 Beaver Creek grand opening. Great snow greated those who could make the Wednessday lifts, knee high powder most of the day. Check out Mama's Little YELLA Pils on draft at The Dusty Boot at Beaver Creek.
Happy Turkey Day......what goes better with Turkey than Beer?
Ok, OK that's actually beer can chicken...have you done a Beer Can Turkey, hhmmm.

Don’t forget the spirit of the holiday season by trampling people and giving black eyes while buyin’ gifts. Instead, beat the mass hysteria of Black Friday with a 4-pack of Ten FIDY, your favorite chair and & the new OB gear in the Oskar Black Friday Blues online store. We’ll save you a few bucks this weekend….that way you can buy more of what you really want, beer. Check it out: http://www.oskarblues.com/shop

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Tuesday Night goes UP & DOWN

Dave hits a climb.
It ain't bike ridin' till you're hiking.
Is that single enough for ya?

back down to Lyons & OB for a


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

USGP of Cyclocross

The SS class started with frozen ruts & ended turning to slop.
OB under NBB tents...
The Wisconsin homeboys were out in Colorado for the USGP. Tristin Schouten heads into one of the slick corners.
Fresh off his ICEMAN Victory Brian Matter leads a group with Barry Wicks.
Tristan heads into a slippery corner.
Brian runs through the barriers.
Kaboom Kabush swings wide on his way to the Victory.
Kabush enters one of the slippery corners with a foot down. Mountain Bikers faired will on the weekend.

Adam Craig is getting into form after a slow mountain bike season with injury.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Things Come to those who...

Wait? Nope, don't think so. Rain, sleet & snow(In Colorado?) hit the front range to drive that final steak through the indian summer's heart. We met at Redstone & loooked at eachother while the Colorado air was filled with moisture. It didn't look good but enough was enough, it was time to head up in elevation & see if the cold temperatures would give us enough solid ground to roll two wheels. What a freaking payoff...great dirt & even clear skies by the end was that big old payoff we were looking for. Don't wait for it to come to you, go get it.outta the car it was foggy & a bit chilly....but that climb'll warm you up.

November 17th Songs from the Silo featuring Reed Foehl!

If you haven't seen the Channel 8 "Songs from the Silo" show taped at the Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids please follow THIS LINK to check out the first two shows. Reed Foehl is featured on November 17th. Come on over to Home Made Liquids & Solids to check out the taping of THIS FREE SHOW.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deviant Dale's be flowing....K E G O R A T O R ! ! !

O hell yes, that ever so hopy DEVIANT! I built a kegorator to house this masterpiece by my side, well done Eric.
ppppppffffffttt. Tappin the first one. I think you could smell the hops at ths point....it could have been my saliva in anticipation.
Let the stickering begin...KELLNER, lifes too short to be misunderstood.
The first pour open's the hoppy aroma of pandora's box.
after 20 minutes and a few pours with Marily & my sticker collection

just in time for Tuesday Night Winter Rides. Marily takes one more for the road....Castle Rock CX tomorow.

a few from Boulder Cup

The holeshot in the SS race
The start of the men's open race on a very slippery grass course.

Colorado Cross Classic

Tim Johnson runs through the OB Beer Garden to a second place finish behind teamate Jeremy Powers.
The Start of the Women's Open race
The Leaders through the sand Katie Compton leads through the OB Beer tent. Nicole Duke had a career day coming in 3rd. Kary Barnholt gets a top 5 off the couch. Georgia chases through the barriers. Mike West broke a chain on the first lap. Jeremy Powers lead start to finish. The crowd under the OB Tent