Tuesday, November 16, 2010

USGP of Cyclocross

The SS class started with frozen ruts & ended turning to slop.
OB under NBB tents...
The Wisconsin homeboys were out in Colorado for the USGP. Tristin Schouten heads into one of the slick corners.
Fresh off his ICEMAN Victory Brian Matter leads a group with Barry Wicks.
Tristan heads into a slippery corner.
Brian runs through the barriers.
Kaboom Kabush swings wide on his way to the Victory.
Kabush enters one of the slippery corners with a foot down. Mountain Bikers faired will on the weekend.

Adam Craig is getting into form after a slow mountain bike season with injury.


Ydna Semaj Retus said...

sweeeet! nice pics chad. OB > NBB

Marly said...

Love the pics. A muddy mess!