Monday, November 1, 2010

High Winds, Moisture & Good Tuesday Times

It was windy as sh*t & looking dark to the west....but we headed out to find tree cover & it paid off. A great evening with the temperatures low enough to escape rain & a small dusting of snow to light up & pack down the trails.

One of many SS on the evening, Matt catches a break from the wind in the trees.
Wind felled trees were a common sight all evening.
A wind blown and smiling tree breaks out of the trees.
Dave Chase was even rocking the single whatchu brung.
Dave turns it over through the darkness & trees.
Bob finds the goods as snow begins to accumulate on trail.
Keith shaking off an injured hand still diggin it.
ahh yes, all back in one piece to enjoy an Old Chub before heading back to OB for a GORDON.

The 2nd week in a row of getting some snow....time is running out in the high country. Get out & ride!

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