Monday, August 29, 2011

RME Series Final this weekend!

Final course prep on the 22 mile loop is being done by our course designer Jeff Vanderlinden and it is a real treat. Destined to become a cult classic, it has a similar feel to Laramie but feels like you're riding through a game preserve. Three antelope bucks are amongst the herd that hangs out on the ranch, while red-tail hawks patrol the skies. This course will reward the technically skilled rider who can keep his speed through a variety of terrain.

Event Details:
RME Marathon - 66 miles Start 8:00
Two-Thirds Marathon - 44 miles Start 9:00
XC Race - 22 miles Start 9:20
Warriors Kids Race - Start 2:00

GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE via the Rocky Mountain Ultra Series Website.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ride, Hops & Heifers Hop Pickin', Ride Back.

Geoff Hess kicks off Firkin Friday at The Tasty Weasel by introducing the first beer to be hopped with from our Hops & Heifers farm. A blend of GUBNA and Dale's pale ale wet hopped with OB grown hops

after diggin' Firkin Friday I unpacked the Gates Carbon Drive Systems team bike in preparation for the upcoming cross season. S W E E T ! ! Check out additional details HERE via the Gates Blog.

We woke in the morning & met at Oskar Blues in Lyons. We headed out over Picture Rock Trail and through Lefthand Canyon making our way to the Hops & Heifers farm to pick Hops.
Head brewer Dave Chichura examines and picks hops straight off the ride. He is running his REEB 1x9, the only geared version rolling right now.

Geoff Hess, the man behind the farm rolls the truck as the high reaching columbus hops get picked.
Luke from OB Home Made Liquids & Solids picks hops before heading to work.
Buckets add up, look for Oskar Blues grown Wet Hopped beers all fall.
Sean enjoys a brew & the smell of fresh hops.
The road back. We headed back to Lefthand Canyon to finish up and over Heil Valley Ranch before landing back at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew and the St Vrain River.....we earned Wings and G'Knight!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Round Trip....

We headed out for another round on what has turned out to be the go-to route this summer. Buchannon Pass out of Peaceful Valley.
Jeremy getting into the small ponds along the climb.

The route has a lot of moisture throughout the top half of the climb.
Rolling on the rocky Cooney Flats Road.

Once you reach the top bridges & views make the ride somethin' special.

Troy sizing up the final bridge under the views of Sawtooth Mountain along the edge of Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Yep, the views never get old.
Jeremy getting through the scree field as the descent starts to head down.
Technical & challenging lines made a bit tougher with perfectly timed rain.
The right bike, the right trail. The Gates Carbon Drive Center Track system is a nice improvement over past systems and excels in the wet & tough conditions.

Jump onboard with Troy....dig it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crested Butte Arts Festival

before heading to the Crested Butte Arts Festival we rallied to Red Rocks to catch My Morning Jacket over a few dozen Dale's Pale Ale.a calm before the storm, the Jacket put a show on.
Friday at the CBAF kicked off with a new event, The Art of the Ride. It was a clinic with Dave Wiens and Doug Bradbury. Jason then kicked off the culunary portion of the event at the Opening Gala.
Diana loves her Mama, thanks for creating another great year of CBAF.
Snodgrass & the new Lupine Trail for breakfast. Dan Loftus from The Brick Oven played tour guide.
Marily on Snodgrass, flowers were still kicking.
...rolling the new Lupine Trail, a nice little addition to in town riding.
401 Trail for Lunch. Jeremy rolls on Schofield Pass for round 2.
Stil a bit of snow near Emerald Lake.
enough snow for a kicker and some short turns.
Made it, get some.
Singletrack, singletrack, SINGLETRACK!
aahh, Crested Butte is always a reminder of life's pleasures....most fondly enjoyed with a G'Knight.

Thanks for another great year at CBAF!

Monday, August 8, 2011

High Country Beats the Heat.

The Buchanan Pass Trail remains one of my personal favorites, a good amount of water to keep you cool and huge views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness....and enough techical riding to be considered a meat grinder. Scott heads up the middle Saint Vrain's rocky climb.
Dale hits one of the Money Shots on the day.

Super Rocky Terrain on the upper portion.
precise techical lines are plentiful.

another good view shared over a beer.

Hey, it'll keep you cool.

How to beat the Front Range heat....via REEB.

Front Range heat just keeps coming....High country is the place to be.Ta Da...

The ride is done, back to Oskar Blues for a brew and wings and then into the St Vrain.
Jeremy gets inverted