Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season...

Christmas Time Is The Season For Giving
Here is an opportunity to exercise that Christmas Spirit. I don't know about you but I get pretty tired of all the Christmas hype and commercialism. It seems to get worse every year and the idea of Christmas and giving to those in need seems to be swept under a sea of used wrapping paper, bows, and useless trinkets. This year I have found a way to help get in the spirit of giving at Christmas time to those in need and want to share it with all of you. I'm sure many of you know Wayne Bowers from Oskar Blues. He is the curly headed (or sometimes bald) energizer bunny that used to be general manager of Oskar Blues and now works in the accounting department. He has been a part of the Oskar Blues family for a long time. Wayne's sister had a baby two years ago and the child has many medical problems. After being told she delivered a little boy, she named him Isaiah and he was transferred in critical condition, was put on a vent and his kidneys were failing. The baby had a mass on its kidneys and would have to have surgery and they were not sure if he would survive. They found the mass was actually a fully functional female system. After a week waiting for results of a chromosome test, it was determined the child was a girl. Faith has had 13 surgeries, has one functioning kidney and it functions 30%. Her bladder doesn't function at all and she has reflux (her urine comes down to the bladder and then refluxes back up to the kidney), which causes infection and many more serious problems Faith also has a feeding tube and struggles with vomiting. In order for Faith to be eligible for a kidney transplant she has to be at least 22 pounds with a fully functioning urinary system. She will need a minimum of 3 surgeries to get her kidney. Dialysis may not be an option. We are having a benefit for her at Oskar Blues on Wednesday the 19th from 7-9pm to try and raise some money for her. Romano Paoletti and Jefferson Hamer are going to play some music all the employees are donating their pay for this day and we ask you to stop by and help us with our giving Christmas tree and our attempt to help someone really in need this holiday season. Jul Swann from OHM saloon in Town at 440 Main ST. is giving all the money from every haircut that day to this great cause. There is also an account set up at the Bank of the West in town where you can donate directly. We will also host a silent auction that night featuring some really big gifts to bid on. Won't you help this little girl and her family with a little something extra? It is what Christmas time is really all about and who knows it might help us all to regain the true meaning of giving and the Christmas spirit.
David Lyons Bluesologist McIntyre
email: anita@oskarblues.com
voice: 303-823-6685

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