Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Rock Racing good for Cycling: Poll Results

The results of my recent poll say that very few people think Rock Racing is bad for cycling. However the debate takes on a different attitude when the discussion changes from bad to good. Nearly as many people appear to be "Over It" as voted that "yes" it is good for cycling. One thing is for certain...Michael Ball knows how to get attention...something that is never bad regardless of what side of the fence you live on. If you have an opinion please let is know your thoughts via the "comments" section below. Thanks for participating.

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mimi said...

I think they have a pretty good team to model all that fancy lycra. Kinda seems like a fashion show on wheels with celebs. Do you like those wrestling pants? Be honest. What do cyclists call those? Rock Racing togs would not be good for you, because you have a penchant for pantalones over your fancy lycra. Response to my comment is required. Rock Racing said so.