Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crested Butte Arts Festival

before heading to the Crested Butte Arts Festival we rallied to Red Rocks to catch My Morning Jacket over a few dozen Dale's Pale Ale.a calm before the storm, the Jacket put a show on.
Friday at the CBAF kicked off with a new event, The Art of the Ride. It was a clinic with Dave Wiens and Doug Bradbury. Jason then kicked off the culunary portion of the event at the Opening Gala.
Diana loves her Mama, thanks for creating another great year of CBAF.
Snodgrass & the new Lupine Trail for breakfast. Dan Loftus from The Brick Oven played tour guide.
Marily on Snodgrass, flowers were still kicking.
...rolling the new Lupine Trail, a nice little addition to in town riding.
401 Trail for Lunch. Jeremy rolls on Schofield Pass for round 2.
Stil a bit of snow near Emerald Lake.
enough snow for a kicker and some short turns.
Made it, get some.
Singletrack, singletrack, SINGLETRACK!
aahh, Crested Butte is always a reminder of life's pleasures....most fondly enjoyed with a G'Knight.

Thanks for another great year at CBAF!

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